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The Cost of Data Privacy Continues to Rise

Manual processing of DSRs can cost $1M per year, or more.

Businesses manually processing DSRs face high costs as the number of requests increases. According to Gartner, a single access or deletion request costs around $1,524 to complete. Our data suggests that a company handling one million identities receives 578 access and deletion requests in an average year. Based on Gartner’s estimate, manually processing DSRs could cost around $811,305 per every million identities.

2023 Cost of DSR Management Over Time

DSRs cost chart

As businesses collect more data and privacy requests increase, handling DSRs becomes difficult and expensive. Companies can struggle to locate data stored in different formats across different systems, all while ensuring they do not violate the rights of other consumers. Businesses face a huge rise in costs unless they automate parts of the DSR process. These costs estimates do not include requests relating to other rights, such as requests to opt out of the sale and sharing of personal data.