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Data privacy that starts with OneTrust
and ends with DataGrail

Out with the Old,
In with the New

Modern data privacy programs should simplify how you manage risk, not complicate it.

DataGrail’s next-generation privacy solution helps you reduce risk and build customer trust in less time, with less effort, and at a fraction of the cost of OneTrust.

Data Privacy Platform - Automated Foundational Solution

The DataGrail Advantage

OneTrust was founded before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) existed. DataGrail is defining a better way to manage data privacy. Discover the three reasons why customers win when they choose DataGrail over OneTrust.

Designed for Data Privacy

DataGrail is the only solution on the market that is purpose-built for brands that want to outsmart risk. Our sole focus is building a solution that helps leading brands successfully manage today’s and tomorrow’s privacy challenges in a transparent way that builds customer trust and reduces business risk.

Powered by Automation

DataGrail’s privacy platform uses our integration network of 2,000+ systems and automated key privacy workflows to do the heavy lifting for you. We ensure security and accuracy, while still giving you human oversight, so you can do more with less effort and fewer resources.

Working with the DataGrail product team has been the best experience that I've had with any of our vendors.

Heather Wood Director of Privacy

DataGrail solves a unique problem and they solve it better than anyone else I've talked to.

Larry C. (G2)

DataGrail folks are so great to work with. I like that your team sits us down and helps us integrate our existing tools to help us think of things holistically.

Matt CISO at Drata

DataGrail offers an amazing community of folks who are really talented and thoughtful in the privacy space — and no other vendor was willing to offer that.

Julie Cantor AGC at Studs

Obsessed with Our

We take your trust in us, your customers’ trust, and your compliance seriously. We’re invested in your success from day 1 and throughout our partnership. But don’t take our word for it — check out thousands of reviews from successful DataGrail customers.

DataGrail reviews sourced by G2

DataGrail Builds Trust,
OneTrust Is Losing It

OneTrust’s legacy solution is an amalgamation of acquisitions, resulting in a highly manual and hard-to-use product. Not to mention, it exposes your brand to more risk due to human error. Customers choose DataGrail for our dedicated privacy solution built on automation and supported by a world-class team.

Companies That Make The OneTrust Switch, Win.

Looking to switch off of OneTrust? You’re in good company. Over 90 of the world’s leading brands have switched from OneTrust to DataGrail to manage and scale their privacy program more efficiently and transparently.

When It Comes To OneTrust Alternatives,
DataGrail Is The Leader In Data Privacy.