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Privacy Platform
for Do Not Sell or
Share (Opt-Out)

Prevent personal data from being sold, bartered, exchanged, or monetized.

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Regulators across the globe are increasingly critical of a lack of transparency from businesses concerning consumer data privacy. DataGrail ensures you can honor and manage opt-out requests, as required by CPRA, GDPR, and more.

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DataGrail helps you uphold consumer privacy, without introducing complexity.

Build Consumer Trust

Honor and manage Do Not Sell or Share requests

Make it easy for consumers to opt-out of data selling, data collection, and data sharing without explicit consent. It’s the right thing to do — and it’s required in California, Colorado, Virginia, other U.S. states and abroad.

Wherever You Do Business

Take respecting consumer privacy global

DataGrail configures Google Tag Manager for those doing business in the U.S. to ensure no sensitive data is shared with trackers. Leverage our partner network for GDPR and ePrivacy compliance in the UK and EU.

Automatic Opt-Outs with Customer Data Platforms

Built-in integrations make it handle opt-outs quickly

DataGrail natively handles opt-out requests with popular customer data and advertising platforms, including Facebook, mParticle, Braze, and others.

Tracking & Verification

Use Request Manager to scale DSR processes

DataGrail tracks user opt-out requests after consumers submit a form, automatically verifies customers, and provides customer do-not-sell and do-not-share lists for reporting and other needs, making data processing easier and more efficient.


Request Intake & Tracking

Make it easy to submit a Do Not Sell or Share request via a custom embedded form. Track these and other DSRs in one, centralized dashboard – from submission to processing completion.

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Multichannel Support

Honor opt-outs involving offline and online data, and prevent digital data sharing through cookies and other data collection trackers.

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User-Initiated Opt-Out Signals

Recognize Global Privacy Control signals sent by a user’s browser to stop the selling and sharing of digital consumer data.

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“DataGrail is streamlined and user-friendly. We use it to to manage timely responses to CCPA and GDPR requests for access, deletion, or opt-out of sale.”

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