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Data Privacy for Legal Teams

Introducing privacy peace of mind for the compliance pros and legislatively savvy.

Make data privacy your competitive advantage. Pair your legal team’s expertise with DataGrail's smart automation to turn complexities surrounding data privacy into your company's differentiator.

Client of a United States Certified Information Privacy Professional

DataGrail empowers legal professionals to manage a world of global and regional data privacy laws and regulations, from GDPR and CPRA/CCPA to Japan’s APPIand beyond.

Control Center

Your hub for efficient privacy management

Understand where personal information and personal data is stored at your organization so you act on any privacy request with ease — whether you’re proactively advising the business or figuring out how to comply in real time.

Breezy Workflows

Automate what you can, and standardize it all

Eliminate human error within your legal department when carrying out error-prone DSRs, DPIAs, RoPAs, and data mapping exercises alike. Meet legal and contractual SLAs when it comes to processing DSRs. Eliminate spreadsheets and build repeatable, scalable privacy programs.

Fast Implementation

Get started right away with no-code setup

DataGrail offers no-code onboarding, which means you can skip the operations queues and get up and running with your data privacy program in days — not weeks or months.

Prepared for the Future

Your foundation for any legislative landscape

No matter which privacy laws and regulations your company has to adhere to in order to remain in compliance, DataGrail’s network of 2,000+ purpose-built integrations ensure you have what you need.


Responsible Data Discovery

Safely detect and manage personal data in up to 50% more third-party SaaS applications. New systems are automatically added to your inventory that may expose you to risk.

Live Data Map

Reliable Automation

Streamline the creation of Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and Records of Processing Activities (RoPAs) with pre-populated, automated data innovation assessments.

Risk Monitor

DSR Dashboard

Track data subject requests from submission to completion. Make it easy for consumers to get their information with customizable forms, then track the end-to-end process in a compliance dashboard that ensures you never miss a legal deadline.

Request Manager

Identity Verification

Eliminate fraudulent DSR requests and don’t aggravate genuine users by asking for more personal information, our Smart Verification™ feature means there is no need for IDs, passports or selfies - we’ll use pre-existing personal data to authenticate their identity

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Support From Privacy Experts

DataGrail Managed Services gives you access to a dedicated privacy manager who helps build a scalable program and manage DSR processing. Refocus your security, legal, and privacy teams on their most strategic work while DataGrail handles day-to-day operations.

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"When we looked at other solutions that were on the market, DataGrail was the only one that allowed us to implement the platform without investing significant tech resources. DataGrail has saved us countless man hours and tech resources and really allowed us to be compliant in the easiest possible way."

Jodi Chapin

General Counsel

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