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Privacy Requests Across Industries

Industries with a lot of online communications see the most requests

Our data shows how many DSRs consumers make to businesses across different industries. Ecommerce—or brands that have a direct to consumer (D2C) online relationship —typically receive the most DSRs. They receive nearly double the overall average number of DSRs. Marketing tech (MarTech) companies come second. Both these types of companies operate mainly online and can engage in intensive marketing campaigns, meaning they collect a lot of personal data.

2023 Volume of DSRs by Industry

DSRs cost chart

Industry descriptions:

  • Retail: We distinguished retail brands from ecommerce brands as those who typically sell in a “brick & mortar” setting, vs. online.
  • Ecommerce: This includes brands whose primary go-to-market model is selling directly online to consumers. This also includes the growing “Wellness” market, MLM companies, consumer marketplaces, and or consumer health companies that may hold a lot of sensitive data.
  • B2B Technology: This includes several enterprise technology companies. Companies that provide software ranging from database software and APIs to HR system software.
  • Marketing Tech: Because marketing & sales technology includes email, CRM, surveys, and communications technology, we pulled Marketing Technology out into its own category. Typically this bucket represents businesses who market in a B2B setting.