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Deletion Is the Most Common Type of Request

Privacy Requests to delete personal data exceed access and ‘do not sell’ requests for the third year running

Consumers continue to ask businesses to delete their personal data, making it the most common type of DSR, accounting for more than 40% of requests on average across businesses. While deletion requests remain most common, access requests have increased most significantly, booming by around 50% since the previous year.

2023 Breakdown By DSR Type

DSRs types circle chart

We focus on three main types of DSR: Requests to access personal data, delete personal data, and requests opt out of the sale and sharing of personal data (“Do Not Sell” requests)—as these are the most popular requests. Every comprehensive privacy law in the US includes the right to delete personal data under certain conditions. We also saw requests to correct inaccurate personal data and requests under the “right to data portability,” but not enough to establish any trends.