Why do so many companies trust DataGrail to help them manage data privacy risk and compliance?

“DataGrail has saved us countless man hours and tech resources and really allowed us to be compliant in the easiest possible way.”

Jodi Chapin

General Counsel

“In DataGrail we saw a company that was highly focused on giving us a solution for managing CCPA and GDPR, providing a real live data map that no longer needs human intervention to stay compliant.”

Christopher Dailey

Director of Business Operations

“DataGrail has been a game changer for maintaining GDPR and CCPA compliance! It’s now a short and easy part of my job, taking up at most ten minutes a day.”

Sarah G

Associate General Counsel

“Automation, hands down. I need a bigger team than I have, and I’ll only be able to scale with tools like DataGrail and Okta. We need to prepare for increased data access requests globally even if the volume is low today. Technology helps keep our team lean and saves us time.”

Martin Rues

Chief Information Security Officer

“I don’t know how many emails (we) get but if we had to keep track of all the data subject requests, there would be a high likelihood something would fall through the cracks.”

Justin Olsson

Associate General Counsel, Product & Privacy

“My advice to fellow CEO’s on GDPR planning is to take it very seriously – seek DataGrail, seek counsel – because this is something very serious from a legal perspective and the right thing to do for your customer.”

Max Altschuler

Founder & CEO

"Everything they promised during the demo/sales calls has in fact been accurate when it comes to implementation - I can't say the same for other companies we are working with in this privacy product market (think big players)."

"DataGrail is a one-stop shop for our data privacy request needs."

"We've been able to automate the very complex process of complying with GDPR and CCPA requirements. What used to take hours, now takes minutes and provides us with confidence."

"Fantastic onboarding experience."

"Fulfilling requests and keeping a 'live data map' is key with compliance, and their product significantly reduces the labor involved in meeting both issues."

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Sendoso Trusts DataGrail to Integrate Customer Experience and Privacy

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