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DataGrail customers are setting a new standard for data privacy, minimizing risk and staying ahead of consumer expectations.

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The new standard for data privacy

90 %
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30 %
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Bed Bath & Beyond Revamps Data Privacy to Achieve 10X ROI

“DataGrail has really helped us with reducing risk and gaining trust from our customer base, and making it a very easy and seamless process. It’s been a 10x ROI from the investment in DataGrail.”

Drata Chooses DataGrail to Automate and Scale its Data Privacy Program
“One of the things that stood out about DataGrail specifically was the number of integrations that it had with a number of the SaaS providers that we used internally. That was an easy sell for us.”
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Studs Chooses DataGrail to Create a Comprehensive Data Privacy Program
“The reason that we chose DataGrail was that it was a super comprehensive tool that would offer us a DSAR solution as well as consent and data mapping without needing to involve in-house engineers.”
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Databricks Chooses DataGrail to manage DSRs at Scale
“I don’t know how many emails (we) get but if we had to keep track of all the data subject requests, there would be a high likelihood something would fall through the cracks.”

The trusted leader in data privacy

Fast Company - Most Innovative Companies 2024
Gartner Cool Vendor since 2020
G2 Winter 2024 - Easiest to do Business With
G2 Winter 2024 - Momentum Leader
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See what customers are saying

I have had a great overall experience using the product. It aids us in organizing and tracking the DSR process… Amazing customer services, timelines, and ability to manual and automated workflows.

April 24, 2024, Director of Privacy Compliance

DataGrail provides a customer success manager and engineer which simplifies onboarding. Large number of data processor integrations automate data discovery. Rock solid workflow provides evidence of compliance.

Apr 4, 2024, Principal Enterprise Architect

Working with DataGrail has been an excellent experience. Their team is as great as their product. Datagrail helps us become and remain GDPR compliant.

April 8, 2024, Corporate Counsel

Working with Data Grail has been a wonderful experience. From onboarding to using the product the team is and the product is great

Apr 12, 2024, Assistant Product Manager

DataGrail provides us with a dedicated project manager who keeps everything on track. Their team is very knowledgeable, responsive and very customer-focused. Data Grail is a very straightforward tool when it comes to automatic privacy request[s], it makes managing privacy request and inventory mapping very easy. With Data Grail there is no need to keep spreadsheet for services used and how user data flows through them.

December 31, 2021, Team Lead
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