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Streamline Data Compliance With DataGrail

Companies are collecting more personal data from customers and third parties than ever. The valuable and extremely sensitive nature of this data is driving an increase in consumer privacy expectations and prompting regulators to demand organizational data compliance by implementing privacy and security regulations and laws.

As organizations grow and collect more data, they’ll likely experience increased impacts from data privacy compliance regulations like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Data compliance is a general term referencing the full data governance framework an organization should implement when collecting, processing, and holding sensitive information. It comprises regulatory and legal compliance efforts, along with internal standards for data management.

New data compliance regulations will undoubtedly arrive in the coming years, and current regulations may experience additions or changes. Manually tracking new and changing laws across global, federal, state, and industry levels is enough to make a privacy manager’s head spin.

DataGrail is a powerfully automated, comprehensive data compliance solution for businesses. DataGrail’s privacy platform makes it easier to create data maps, respond to data subject requests (DSRs), complete privacy assessments, and more, all in one place.

Benefits of Having a Data Compliance Solution

Getting and staying compliant with data regulations can be challenging and complex. However, accurate, automated data compliance solutions are crucial for minimizing data breach and security breach risks, enhancing enterprise data governance and data management practices, and avoiding legal and financial issues.

DSAR Solution

Two of the biggest benefits a comprehensive data compliance solution offers are:

  • Manual Labor Reduction

    Without a highly automated data privacy and compliance solution, manually meeting regulatory requirements increases business risk due to inefficient processes and constant manual program management actions.

  • Improved Accuracy

    A data compliance solution powered by automation reduces the risk of human error while streamlining inefficiencies and improving overall processes. Meeting industry-specific, highly detailed regulatory compliance requirements — think PCI DSS for financial services or HIPAA for health-related organizations — the right solution makes things quicker and easier.

Implementing a comprehensive and powerfully automated data compliance solution streamlines processes, reduces manual effort, and ensures data is kept safe, accurate, and private. The right compliance platform should provide stakeholders with real-time visibility into compliance efforts and status, assist with Records of Processing Activities (RoPAs) and compliance reporting, and more.

DataGrail is important to upholding trust and plays a big role in handling the personal data of our prospective customers... This is really an era that calls for the kind of functionality DataGrail is providing. Timothy McIntyre Associate General Counsel & Data Protection Officer

How DataGrail Helps With
Data Compliance

Data Privacy Management Dashboard
1. Compliance Management
Centralized Compliance Management

The DataGrail Privacy Dashboard provides a comprehensive platform to track and manage company-wide data compliance efforts.

Dynamic RoPA interface
2. Reporting and Auditing
Comprehensive Reporting and Auditing

DataGrail’s Live Data Map™ makes it simple to track data flow across internal and external systems, and update RoPAs as needed.

privacy request form
3. Data Subject Requests
Simplifying Data Subject Requests (DSRs)

DataGrail streamlines the DSR fulfillment process by enabling organizations to respond quickly and accurately.

data subject request fulfillment
4. Stakeholder Collaboration
Stakeholder Collaboration

DataGrail allows privacy assessment collaboration across internal stakeholders like legal, IT, and privacy teams to ensure alignment and effective privacy management.

Features and functionality

  • Highly automated data management processes for enhanced efficiency and accuracy
  • Data discovery and mapping capabilities to identify and track personal and sensitive data
  • Compliance workflows and access controls for better data governance
  • Real-time monitoring to avoid assessment and request non-compliance
  • Integration with 2,000+ enterprise apps, data platforms, and internal systems for comprehensive data management and reduced Shadow IT
  • Configurable options for specific privacy laws and compliance requirements
  • User roles as access controls to protect personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Data governance and privacy program support for compliance initiatives
Data Compliance Implementation

Implementation and Integration

Implementing a comprehensive data compliance solution can be a lengthy process requiring a large amount of engineering resources and manual, hands-on work.

DataGrail makes it easier. Thanks to the industry’s largest Integrations Network with 2,000+ connectors and our no-code onboarding experience, the path to deploying an automated privacy program with DataGrail is the shortest in the market.

Every DataGrail customer receives support from a committed Customer Success Manager, privacy industry experts and thought leaders, and DataGrail’s support team boasting a 99% satisfaction rate for quality of support (G2 Summer 2023 Grid).

DataGrail Pricing

Pricing and Support

DataGrail offers pricing and packaging for all company sizes and types. Legal, security, and privacy professionals can purchase our self-service Privacy Control Center as an end-to-end solution for data privacy and compliance needs, or à la carte to solve specific challenges. All products are backed by the largest integration network in the market (2,000+ connections) which enables organizations to build customer trust and reduce business risk. DataGrail customers also have the option to select white-glove services, like fully managed DSRs and technical privacy program consulting, to optimize the impact of their deployment and uplevel their teams.

Why Do I Need Data Compliance?

Data compliance processes are crucial for any company collecting and managing consumer data. Why invest in data compliance?

Data Privacy Compliance icon

1. Ensure Compliance

Automated data compliance workflows make it easier to meet current requirements enforced by regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Risk Management icon

2. Risk Management

Reduce legal, cybersecurity, and financial risks with data compliance initiatives that focus on implementing data protection, data security, and data privacy frameworks. This ensures regulatory compliance across all operational jurisdictions and reduces the risk of legal and financial impacts due to data security issues.

Customer Trust icon

3. Build & Maintain Trust

Rising consumer privacy expectations and demands are influential in driving ongoing data compliance regulations. People care about their privacy and want to know companies are protecting their data: Our research shows 74% of people wouldn’t shop at their favorite retailers if they found out the retailer didn’t keep their personal data safe. A data compliance solution builds trust by showing customers that a company cares about their privacy.

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