Data Privacy Platform for Responsible Data Discovery

Detect risky data the right way, across third-party apps and structured data sources.

The strongest privacy programs depend on a reliable system inventory. DataGrail identifies personal data in your company’s tech stack in a secure way that doesn’t expose your organization to more risk.

Professionals using data analytics and data discovery software

DataGrail puts safety and security at the heart of our data discovery solution. Respect consumers’ privacy and take care of compliance while you’re at it.

Secure & Reliable

Build trust with safer data discovery practices

DataGrail will never store copies of your data on its servers. Instead, the platform anonymizes and classifies data sources so your organization has the information needed to comply with data privacy requirements without introducing new data security risks.

Third-Party SaaS

Grow the understanding of your tech stack

Apps you use everyday hold personal data, from Salesforce and Marketo to Sendoso. DataGrail employs a smart taxonomy to systemize consumer-sensitive data held in those systems so you can deliver on data protection and privacy requirements quickly.

Across Data Source Types

Detect data in structured or unstructured data systems

DataGrail helps you protect sensitive data from compromise by identifying and categorizing it for structured data sources. The platform also identifies the class of unstructured data (think files shared in Dropbox or internal servers) so you can rest easy.

Smart Taxonomy

Always up-to-date so you don’t have to be

To keep up with evolving compliance laws and data governance regulations, DataGrail extracts key metadata from your company’s data sources and sorts it into smart categories. That way, you can auto-populate common privacy deliverables like DPIAs, RoPAs, subject requests, and more.


Data Mapping

At the core of any data privacy platform and solution is a data map. Our responsible data discovery solutions ensure sensitive data is flagged in all your mapped systems.

Live Data Map

Assessments (DPIAs)

Risk Monitor auto-populates assessments by using DataGrail’s network of deep integrations that detect personal data across systems safely and securely.

Risk Monitor

Data Subject Requests (DSRs)

Thanks to ongoing data discovery capabilities, complete a data subject request (DSR) in minutes, eliminating manual processes and ensuring continuous compliance.

Request Manager

"DataGrail was really simple to set up. No need to create custom flows or heavy integrations. The automatic data mapping tool and data discovery tool connect directly to new systems as they are discovered to manage privacy.”

Gabe R.

Systems Architect
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

5 stars

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