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Software for Data Inventory Management

DataGrail streamlines data management with comprehensive data inventory software. Our products help you go beyond compliance with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and other regulations around the world.

Our Live Data Map outsmarts business risk with automated data discovery, mapping, and classification processes so you can stay ahead in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

Data Inventory Compliance

Comprehensive Compliance Management

By streamlining compliance with various data privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and more, DataGrail ensures your organization can meet and exceed its regulatory obligations, uphold customer privacy rights, and meet stakeholder expectations.

However, regulatory compliance today doesn’t ensure tomorrow in a privacy landscape that’s always changing. DataGrail’s powerful privacy automations help keep you compliant so your organization is ready for whatever comes next.

Data Inventory Integrations

Seamless Integrations

DataGrail integrates with 2,000+ applications, data platforms, SSOs, and internal systems allowing your organization to manage its data inventory across multiple systems and streamline data flows across your company.

These pre-built connectors fuel system discovery and privacy program automation, helping to reduce shadow IT, minimize risk debt, and keep customer, employee, and vendor Personal Identifiable Information (PII) safe.

Data Inventory Mapping

Automated Data Discovery and Data Mapping

Fueled by the largest integration network in the industry, DataGrail's privacy automation capabilities help your organization efficiently discover, map, and classify its data, reducing manual work and improving data management accuracy.

Our software creates a blueprint of systems holding PII across your organization and detects up to 50% more PII in third-party SaaS. It also organizes and categorizes the information to show where and how your business is using personal data.

Manual data mapping and data management introduce business risk due to human error and can be costly. DataGrail connects to your SSOs and auto-detects which systems may hold PII, saving your team days of time, money, and risk debt.

Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) and Data Subject Request (DSR) Management

DataGrail’s Request Manager simplifies the process of managing and responding to DSARs/DSRs, enhancing customer trust, and ensuring data subject rights and GDPR compliance, along with other regulations.

Request Manager minimizes the risks of missing, inaccurately retrieving, deleting, or anonymizing data thanks to powerful automation. The software tracks all privacy requests in your centralized DataGrail Dashboard so nothing slips through the cracks and all requests are processed with precision. We help you handle data subject access, deletion, and do-not-sell (opt-out) requests in a repeatable, scalable way.

Reporting icon

Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

DataGrail provides real-time monitoring of your data inventory and updates your data map automatically when anything changes, giving your organization better insights into your data landscape and ensuring timely identification of potential risks and trends.

You’ll always know where your privacy program stands with the dashboard’s readily available statistics showing program ROI, request velocity, and more.

Interface icon

User-Friendly Interface

Our products are built with intuitive interfaces to make it easy for user navigation and management of your data inventory, reducing the learning curve and fostering adoption across your privacy team.

Support icon

Expert Support and Resources

DataGrail offers dedicated support and continually updated resources like webinars, guides, and in-product templates, ensuring smooth implementation and helping your organization make the most of its privacy program.

Every customer has access to our Knowledge Base and a personal DataGrail customer success manager during implementation and beyond to make sure you’re never in the dark about our products or your privacy program

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Explore our reports and blogs to read about data privacy trends and discover helpful guides on subjects like employee privacy training, automation compliance, and more.

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Data Management FAQs

What does data inventory software do?

Data inventory software automates data discovery, data flows, and data processing activities to help organizations comply with privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA, and streamline decision-making for privacy processes.

Which data sources are typically gathered during the data inventory process?

The data collection process typically includes the gathering of sensitive data from places like business applications, third-party platforms, APIs, data connectors, external devices, cloud services, and business processes that generate or use data, including workflows, data flows, and data retention policies.

Data mapping vs data inventory: what’s the difference?

Data mapping is the process of collecting, tracking, and discovering data within and across multiple systems, usually for the purpose of keeping an accurate accounting of data and integrating it into a tracking system. At its core, data inventory is essentially the same process, but some may define it as the process of documenting all the data assets within an organization — including location, format, ownership, and usage.

What are the benefits of using data inventory software?

Benefits include compliance with privacy laws, real-time visibility into data and processing activities, risk assessments and audit trails, streamlined workflows, easy verification of data subjects and their personal data, and a better understanding of data lifecycle and retention policies.

What features should I look for in data inventory software?

Look for features like data discovery and mapping, automated records of processing activities (RoPAs), risk assessments and audit trails, real-time monitoring of data flows, workflows, questionnaires, modules for compliance with specific privacy laws, templates, and integrations with existing data management tools.

How does data inventory software support compliance with privacy laws?

Data inventory software supports compliance with privacy laws by providing data mapping, records of processing, risk assessments, and audit trails. Some software solutions, not all, also identify and manage personal data and track data processing activities, along with assisting in streamlined DSR/DSAR fulfillment processes.

Who are the stakeholders for the data inventory process?

Stakeholders include data protection officers (DPOs), compliance managers, IT and security professionals, general privacy team members, and other decision-makers within your organization. However, the data inventory process is something that has the chance to impact customers, employees as a whole, and vendors.

Can data inventory software be customized?

Yes, it can be customized to support specific privacy laws, manage specific types of data or processing activities, and fit the workflows and business processes of an organization.