DataGrail Data Privacy Platform

Transparency Starts with a Strong Privacy Foundation

We give modern companies one easy-to-use platform to simplify, automate, and scale their privacy programs.

Data Privacy Platform - Automated Foundational Solution

The DataGrail Difference

1000+ integrations with your favorite apps and infrastructure

We designed the DataGrail Integration Network to directly connect with internal data platforms, and 1000+ of the most popular cloud apps and infrastructure providers. Not only do we make it seamless to build a quality data foundation to automate and scale your privacy program, we are uniquely capable of detecting shadow IT that contains personal data and puts compliance at risk.

And we don’t pawn integration development off on a middleware vendor. We build and maintain our own connectors and integrations, so we’re in control, and you get easy onboarding, continuous data mapping, real-time maintenance, and heightened security.

Live Data Map

At the core of any privacy solution is a data map, because to complete a data subject request you need to know where to look.

DataGrail’s Live Data Map provides a blueprint of where data lives in your organization. And, any changes made to the systems used at your organization are kept up-to-date.

The average enterprise has 50-100 different systems (i.e. Oracle, Hubspot, Marketo, AWS, Greenhouse, Okta, Coupa, etc.) that contain personal data.

Request Manager

Within minutes, complete a data subject request (DSR), eliminating error-prone manual processes and ensuring continuous compliance.

When a data subject request (DSR) comes in, Request Manager instantly identifies where personal data is across your entire business, and populates the details of the request into your online dashboard. Fulfill DSRs accurately, efficiently and seamlessly.

On average, 26 people touch a data subject request in an organization, introducing human error and inefficiencies

Don’t take our word for it, customers it too

"I don’t know how many emails (we) get but if we had to keep track of all the data subject requests, there would be a high likelihood something would fall through the cracks.”

Justin Olsson

Associate General Counsel

“Installation was incredibly easy and this prepares us to handle the increasing privacy laws in various states.”

Ryan Aschauer

VP Business Intelligence

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