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DataGrail Data Privacy Platform

Leveraging the largest integration network in data privacy, DataGrail automates privacy workflows to protect your brand and earn customer trust. While other vendors go wide, we go deep on data privacy.

Secure your brand's future with DataGrail

It’s hard to stay on top of privacy risks you can’t even see. Our Data Privacy Platform gives you full visibility into your entire tech stack, highlights where risks and personal data may be hiding, automates tedious processes, and makes sure you’re staying compliant.

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Data discovery and mapping

The average enterprise has anywhere from 50 to 100 different systems that contain personal and sensitive data. DataGrail detects the sprawl of information so you can easily track data and address privacy concerns.

Data subject request management

After a data subject request is submitted, an average of 26 people in your organization will work on it. DataGrail automates DSR processes and fills out the details in your dashboard so you can stay compliant without the hassle.

Consent management

DataGrail Consent protects brands by adapting to changing data privacy regulations and is easy to implement, deeply customizable, and highly performant across the entire web experience.

Privacy Risk Assessments

DataGrail auto-populates assessments to optimize submissions, reducing privacy risks and keeping up with legislation.

Bed Bath & Beyond Revamps Data Privacy to Achieve 10X ROI

“DataGrail has really helped us with reducing risk and gaining trust from our customer base, and making it a very easy and seamless process. It’s been a 10x ROI from the investment in DataGrail.”

Solutions for every department

DataGrail’s Data Privacy Platform spans your company’s tech stack and ensures every team is covered.

Legal teams

Stay compliant with local laws and global regulations.

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Security teams

Expose shadow IT and automate privacy workflows.

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Enrich your privacy program

Work with a privacy expert

We know data privacy is complex. We’ll pair you with an expert to help you implement a program that fits your needs.

Managed Services

Connect your tech stack

DataGrail works with over 2,000+ integrations so you can keep your digital ecosystem secure.

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