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DataGrail for AI Governance

Innovate with AI, without worrying about the data privacy risks

48% of CISOs claim AI security is now their biggest concern.

On top of keeping up with new data privacy laws, increasing third-party risk, ongoing cyberattacks, and rising consumer data privacy expectations, CISOs now have to figure out this new black box – AI.

52% of security professionals say they are finding it difficult to safeguard confidential and personal data used by AI. So while everyone scrambles to embrace generative AI to increase efficiency, CISOs are tasked with understanding the data risk impact, what it has access to, data sources, and data classification.

Kevel is, at a baseline, very focused on privacy and security efforts. We have numerous policies surrounding handling of PII and require acknowledgement on an annual basis, and have implemented technical safeguards (such as DataGrail) as an additional measure. Finding an unexpected [AI] system during our weekly review of the DataGrail platform enabled us to quickly investigate, determine no data was at risk, and address the cause swiftly. Overall, DataGrail's detection capabilities served as an excellent proof of concept for our existing safeguards.

Generative AI

Discover traditional and generative AI

Continuously discover what traditional and Generative AI models are being used throughout your SaaS & third-party systems.

Stay up-to-date on new AI systems and models in your organization.

Quickly detect LLMs and GenAI with our integration network of 2,000+ enterprise apps, data platforms, and internal systems.

Orchestrate data request

Orchestrate data requests across your AI systems

No matter where personal information lives across your AI systems, DataGrail will orchestrate deletion, access, and opt-out requests.

  • Process data requests for your internal models via Internal Systems Integration (ISI) agent with Request Manager.
  • Enable your privacy operations on top of any internal and third-party systems using AI.
AI risks in SaaS

Monitor AI risks in SaaS

Identify and manage the AI risk in your third-party vendors.

  • Easily extend your Data Protection Impact Reports (DPIAs) or Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) in Risk Monitor to uncover risk in third-party SaaS.
  • Utilize existing workflows to help understand the AI risks in the third-party SaaS you use.
  • Be prepared for the changing AI regulatory landscape, including the EU’s AI act and California’s automated decision-making enforcements.

Wondering what to ask your vendors? Check out these questions you can use in your vendor assessments to quantify AI risks.

DataGrail’s responsible AI use principles

We believe that privacy is a human right and that privacy can and should be used as a key brand differentiator. These are the guiding AI principles we have implemented here at DataGrail.

Know our why behind AI

Responsibly explore how AI can benefit our business and customers.

Respect all individuals

To the best of our ability, we will not use AI that could compromise an individual’s right to consent or to privacy.

Be real and transparent

We will be upfront with customers about when and how we use AI in our products and services.

Seek guidance from a diverse team

We will actively seek guidance from diverse peer groups and cross-functional leadership to ensure alignment on goals and no potential risk is missed.

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