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Delivering a single place to manage your privacy program

Gain control of
your data

DataGrail’s deep integration approach promises the most accurate data inventory, foundational to any privacy program to reduce risk of fines.

See why visibility into your data footprint creates a healthy privacy program.

Automate your privacy program

Eliminate error-prone and manual processes and spreadsheets. Automate data discovery and fulfill a DSAR - access, deletion or DNS request - in minutes.

Learn how to fulfill DSARs with
Request Manager.

Scale your privacy as you grow

More customers shouldn’t mean more problems. DataGrail helps businesses scale privacy management as they grow, with automation that delivers significant ROI.

Find out how DataGrail delivered
10x ROI to Overstock.

No code

Engineering teams are busy, let us take on all the heavy lifting. Once you’re plugged into DataGrail, spend minutes per week maintaining your privacy program.

Hear from Christopher Daily from NoRedInk about his experience onboarding.

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