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Simplify Data Subject Access Requests with DataGrail’s DSR/DSAR Software

For organizations subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) as amended by CPRA, or any current (and future) state and federal laws, fulfilling data subject requests (DSRs) like access, deletion, or rectification requests can present unique challenges.

Cloud computing advanced innovation but led to organizations using hundreds of apps, resulting in data sprawl. Data collected and held by companies is now stored across internal and external systems and can be extremely difficult to track, gather, and summarize if requested via DSR.

As the data privacy and protection landscape matures with new regulations every year, people expect and demand more transparency regarding their privacy, and companies must be prepared to respond.

DataGrail’s Privacy Trends 2023 report shows privacy request volume per 1M identities increased by 72% from 2021 to 2022. Our analysts attribute this to multiple factors, but increasing awareness certainly has an impact.

Companies dealing with DSRs often struggle with request organization, fraud, and deadlines, especially if their process is highly manual.

Request Manager is DataGrail’s solution to these issues. Thanks to powerful automation and 2,000+ integrations across popular apps, we make it easy to reduce human error and business risk by streamlining DSR fulfillment.

Upgrade your DSAR
program with DataGrail

The request process begins when an individual submits a DSAR to an organization. Data subjects have the right to request access to their personal information or related materials and find out how that information is being used. Data subjects (aka requesters) can also authorize others to make requests on their behalf.

DSAR Solution

From there, it takes four steps to fulfill a DSAR:

  • Collect and log requests

    Request submission should be easy and organized

  • Verify the subject’s identity and review requested information

    • Verifying requester identity is crucial to avoid providing information to an unauthorized user, but you should avoid making the process inaccessible
    • This step shouldn’t serve to collect additional personal information
    • Ensure the request is clear and inform the requester that the team is on it
  • Gather, package, and review the data

    Search across systems to collect all relevant information

  • Provide the data to the requester

    Ensure the data is correct and deliver the information to fulfill the DSAR

Because DSARs require a timely response involving data spread across various platforms, DataGrail’s Request Manager platform features handy privacy tools and powerful automation.

How it works

privacy request form
Build data subject request forms for your website

Inbound DSARs can quickly overwhelm a privacy team lacking a centralized request submission form on the company’s website. Funneling DSARs through branded, user-friendly, and easily accessible request forms helps data subjects have a positive privacy experience while building brand trust.

Additionally, using DataGrail’s centralized DSAR form keeps requests organized. All requests received through the form will automatically populate a comprehensive compliance dashboard that notifies the privacy team of new submissions.

identity verification form
Easily verify subject identities and stop fraudulent DSARs

Verifying a data subject’s identity before you fulfill a request is a vital step in your privacy request process. Don’t frustrate data subjects by asking them to submit more personal data like passports, selfies, or government IDs.

Prevent risk, save time, and avoid requester stress with DataGrail’s Smart Verification™, an automatic feature for data subjects that uses pre-existing data to authenticate user identities.

Data Privacy Management Dashboard
Manage and monitor every DSAR on one centralized dashboard

To avoid incurring significant privacy-related fines and penalties, it’s vital to stay on top of DSAR deadlines. With our centralized, user-friendly Privacy Dashboard, it’s easier than ever to outsmart risk and:

  • View all active requests by status, type, and more
  • Receive automated notifications for approaching legal deadlines
  • Monitor DSAR trends to optimize privacy program impact
data subject request fulfillment
Collaborate with internal teams & third-party providers

Privacy teams fulfilling DSARs manually often waste time, energy, and business resources tracking down information across multiple internal and external teams and systems.

DataGrail Helps Teams:

  • Avoid endless, back-and-forth communication with in-platform project management and gather critical information quickly
  • Authorize third-party vendors to perform DSARs on behalf of others
  • Automate data subject communications when DSARs are fulfilled
Jodi Chapin

Love from DataGrail customers

“DataGrail has saved us countless man hours and tech resources and really allowed us to be compliant in the easiest possible way.”
Jodi Chapin, General Counsel, REVOLVE
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DSAR Automated Workflows

Automated workflows to manage data subject requests with precision

Request Manager leverages automated workflows to streamline privacy management processes and help support responsible data governance programs. Using the centralized dashboard, it’s simple to take control of business risk management by ensuring sensitive data is closely tracked and highly protected. Keeping data systems organized allows for quicker, more accurate DSAR fulfillment.

DSAR Process Automation

Streamline the DSAR process and shorten fulfillment timeframes

Managing DSARs manually can take your legal, IT, and engineering teams offline for days, one request at a time. DataGrail offers tools to handle data subject access requests and other data subject requests like data deletion and do-not-sell (opt-out) requests in a repeatable, scalable way.

DSAR Data Risk

Achieve privacy compliance and minimize data risks

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation’s (GDPR) introduction made waves by establishing subject rights requests and DSAR requirements. It also heavily influences many other privacy laws and regulations, like the California Consumer Privacy Law (CCPA). CCPA/GDPR compliance can be difficult, but it’s vital for businesses looking to avoid penalties and fines.

More importantly, combining regulatory compliance with proactive actions like conducting regular Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs) can be a business differentiator. Outsmarting privacy risk and efficiently fulfilling data subject requests can show that a company truly cares about data privacy as a human right.

Want to Learn More?

Discover more about the DataGrail platform and review our customer case studies to find out why industry leaders like Amazon, Salesforce, Overstock, Instacart, and more work with us.

Explore our reports and blogs to read about data privacy trends and discover helpful guides on subjects like employee privacy training, automation compliance, and more.

Book a 1:1 demo with our team, or sign up for an interactive platform walkthrough to see how DataGrail works.

DSAR Software FAQs

Why choose DataGrail?

DataGrail is the privacy platform for modern brands to build customer trust and comply with privacy regulations like the GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, and CDPA. The DataGrail Integration Network directly connects with 2,000+ of the most popular cloud systems, infrastructure providers, and internal systems and it’s the only integration network that detects shadow IT holding personal data and makes it seamless for an organization to build a data foundation for their privacy program.

What integrations does DataGrail offer?

DataGrail’s Integration Network leverages pre-built connectors with top companies like Okta, Zoom, Qualtrics, Atlassian, Salesforce, Shopify, Slack, and thousands more to fuel system discovery and privacy program automation. Search the full integration list here.

What functionality should I look for in DSAR software?

Streamlining data privacy compliance is a big job, but the right privacy partner makes it much easier. DataGrail’s products are all built from the ground up and fully integrate seamlessly with each other by design — something other privacy companies on the market struggle with due to growth by acquisition.
  • When looking for a privacy partner, a buyer should look for products built to enable responsibly automated data discovery, data mapping, request processing, and opt-out management. These tools allow for comprehensive data security and highly customizable privacy program management. With DataGrail’s no-code onboarding, companies can start accessing these features via our API quickly and without a heavy lift.

How does DataGrail help reduce data privacy violations?

DataGrail stays on top of shifting legislative requirements and data privacy laws around the world so our customers can rest assured that they’ll always be in compliance and ready for whatever comes next.

Is DataGrail safe and reliable?

Privacy is only as strong as the security protecting it. DataGrail is architected for privacy management, but security is our foundation. DataGrail prides itself on helping the world’s most trusted companies outsmart risk and build customer trust. To do this, we work tirelessly to keep sensitive data, PII, and internal and external data sources protected. At our core, we’re built to provide organizations with the best data security and protection solutions.

Is DataGrail’s pricing within reach for smaller companies?

Yes, DataGrail offers pricing and packaging for all company sizes and types. Legal, security, and privacy professionals can purchase our self-service Privacy Control Center as an end-to-end solution for data privacy needs, or à la carte to solve specific challenges. All products are backed by the largest integration network in the market (2,000+ connections) which enables organizations to build customer trust and reduce business risk. DataGrail customers also have the option to select white-glove services, like fully managed DSRs and technical privacy program consulting, to optimize the impact of their deployment and uplevel their teams.