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We help brands build trust through transparency

Our Story

We believe privacy can be – and should be – your brand’s differentiator

With the core belief that trust builds transparency, Daniel Barber and Ignacio Zendejas set out to build DataGrail, a privacy platform to help companies build robust privacy platforms that empower people with more control over their privacy and identity.

Privacy is messy. And complicated.

Organizations today rely on dozens of inter-connected data platforms-- SaaS apps, data lakes, and hosted databases -- making it difficult to know where all of a single person's data could be. But with the right solution, it is possible to make sense of privacy, and turn it into an advantage to make your company standout.

Our platform eliminates complicated, manual and time-consuming processes associated with emerging privacy laws. We find and untangle the terabytes of data companies have, make sense of it, and organize it into a easy-to-use privacy program.

DataGrail offers continuous data mapping, automates data subject requests, and performs unified preference management.

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DataGrail takes a deeply integrated approach, and we designed our platform around hundreds of pre-built connectors with the most popular business systems, making it seamless for an organization to build a quality data foundation for their privacy program.

Leadership Team

Daniel Barber

Daniel Barber

CEO & Co-Founder

Cathy Polinsky

Cathy Polinsky

Chief Technology Officer

Sam East

Sam East

Chief Revenue Officer

Lisa Wang

Lisa Wang

Chief of Staff

Joshua Hanewinkel

Joshua Hanewinkel

SVP Customer Success & Operations

Frances Mendez Kloes

Frances Mendez Kloes

VP People

Proudly backed by these investors

Mallun Yen

Founder & Partner, Operator Collective, DataGrail Board Member

Matt Holleran

General Partner at Cloud Apps Capital Partners, DataGrail Board Member

Dan Moskowitz

Partner at Third Point Ventures, DataGrail Board Observer

Debjit Mukerji

Partner at Next47, DataGrail
Board Observer

Xuezhao Lan

Founding and Managing Partner at Basis Set Ventures, DataGrail Board Member

Victoria Treyger

General Partner and Managing Director at Felicis Ventures,
DataGrail Board Member

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