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Privacy Platform for Security Teams

Introducing data privacy for technical problem solvers and efficiency seekers. Stay ahead of threats and secure your business.

With PII-sensitive data stored across your tech stack and distributed workforces adding new systems every day, data privacy and data protection is a top security concern. DataGrail responsibly exposes shadow IT to reduce business risk and automate privacy workflows.

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Replace manual workflows with our programmatic risk mitigation solution. Satisfy consumer expectations and privacy regulations without sacrificing technical quality or bandwidth.

Secure by Default

DataGrail was built from the ground up with security in mind. All sensitive data is stored in encrypted storage systems. We invested in vulnerability management and infrastructure deployment. We never store customer data at rest. And that’s just the padlock.


Unlike other platforms, DataGrail’s solution builds and maintains its own connectors and integrations, rather than partnering with a middleware vendor. And your team has full control over the methods and tactics of data extraction, keeping the right experts in the loop.

Efficiencies Baked In

Spend more time out of crisis mode. Nix the spreadsheet updates and privacy pings — from DSR requests to handling assessments like DPIAs and RoPAs — with a Privacy Control Center. DataGrail introduces responsible automation to balance business continuity with security.

Easy Implementation

It takes exactly zero lines of code to get up and running with DataGrail. Powered by deep integrations, your team gets quick access to a Live Data Map that catalogs third-party SaaS, internal databases and warehouses, and even home-grown systems via a pre-built API.


Detect Shadow IT

Powered by responsible data discovery, DataGrail detects up to 50% more shadow IT across your company's tech stack. Live Data Map automatically detects and catalogs PII - personal data, even as new systems are added.

Live Data Map

Fully Certified & Compliant

DataGrail prioritized meeting industry-leading security standards to demonstrate privacy, security, and reliability controls. We are HIPAA compliant and have SOC 2 Type II and Privacy Shield certifications.

Platform Security

Privacy Orchestration

To support compliance with with data governance regulations like CPRA and GDPR, DataGrail offers end-to-end privacy request fulfillment (DSR management) and guided privacy assessments (DPIAs and PIAs) that are easy to manage and scale as your business grows.

Privacy Control Center

Universal Connections

DataGrail integrates with enterprise apps, data platforms, and internal systems. These pre-built connectors fuel responsible data discovery and privacy program automation.

Integration Network

Support From Privacy Experts

DataGrail Managed Services gives you access to a dedicated privacy manager who helps build a scalable program and manage DSR processing. Refocus your security, legal, and privacy teams on their most strategic work while DataGrail handles day-to-day operations.

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Product and Architecture Investments

DataGrail’s product is architected for the security of our customer’s organizations and their systems.

Enterprise Authentication

DataGrail integrates with your identity management services, like Okta and Google SSO, rather than hosting username and password data, to support two-factor authentication or Zero Trust principles. You already take account security seriously — so should your organization’s critical systems.

Bring Your Own Storage

Responsible data discovery helps your organization meet compliance requirements without jeopardizing your data subjects’ personal information. Protect your existing data storage investments, whether AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, or Azure.

Data Privacy Policies Your Way

You are in control of your privacy program, no matter how it’s deployed. Whether it’s configuring API access to optimize DataGrail’s DSR management or calibrating DPIA and PIAs, DataGrail can automate as much of the data privacy lifecycle as your team needs.

"Okta is using DataGrail to streamline our individual rights requests process, not just for the ease of use and seamless integrations with various applications, but because they believe, like we do, that privacy is key to building customer trust."

Sandhir Mittal

Senior Security Compliance Analyst

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