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DataGrail Consent

Protect your brand and start a privacy dialogue with a dynamic, deeply customizable, and easy-to-use consent solution that automates compliance.

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It’s time to reimagine consent.

Legacy consent tools can’t keep up with emerging compliance demands and rising consumer expectations. In a DataGrail study on the state of consent management, we found that 75% of websites do not honor a person’s right to opt-out.

Any vendor can help you check the box, but if you’re looking to build trust, maintain compliance, and start a privacy conversation, we’re here to help.

Mitigate risk and maintain compliance automatically

Automate compliance with continuous syncing to Google Tag Manager and ensure you’re always serving the right consent banner, with the right message, in the right language, to the right person with instant IP detection of site visitors.

Deploy consent and make updates in minutes

No more waiting weeks or begging your dev team to make updates. Our no-code integration to Google Tag Manager allows privacy managers to respond to updates without burning developer time.

Maintain a consistent brand experience

Your consent dialogue should enhance the customer journey, not disrupt it. DataGrail Consent can be fully customized for a customer-first consent experience and allows customers to make their consent choices implicitly via their web browser or explicitly using the consent experience on your website.

Enterprise-grade solution to improve the customer experience and build trust

Stop worrying whether your consent banners are loading properly or respecting customer preferences. DataGrail Consent delivers enterprise-grade speed and performance to ensure accurate consent management at any scale.

We’re very glad to have transferred over to the DataGrail tool, and to have done so very easily. We were up and running within two days. The set-up process was simple, required limited engineering resources and the support team was extremely responsive. Our business runs more smoothly with all our privacy tooling under one roof.

Chris Asta, Senior Product Counsel

Making the switch quick & seamless

Existing consent offerings are difficult to set up, regularly fail to deploy, and leave organizations non-compliant. Not to mention, it’s constant ongoing work for privacy managers to stay in compliance.

DataGrail Consent protects your brand by adapting to changing data privacy regulations and continuously syncing to Google Tag Manager, so you won’t have to worry about ongoing work to stay compliant. The DataGrail customer success team will partner with you as your program scales and ensure a quick and successful implementation.

Global compliance

DataGrail Consent covers all major global policy frameworks (GDPR, CPRA) and adapts to new or updated data privacy regulations, protecting your brand.

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Automated, no-code deployment

Deploy your consent banner in minutes with our Google Tag Manager integration and deliver the right location-based banner with instant IP detection of site visitors.

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Rapidly identify compliance gaps

DataGrail will inspect your site for any script that may pose a compliance risk, helping you take action fast and provide an experience that builds trust with your brand.

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Customizable consent experience

Customize the design of the consent banners through a configurable, intuitive style sheet. Build a straightforward experience for your customers by tailoring the banner behavior by policy.

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Streamlined reporting

DataGrail Consent provides a filterable analytics dashboard to track core metrics like opt-in rates by policy framework or analytics in a specific region. You can also manage multiple brands, allowing for a single source of truth.

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