Request Manager

Complete a DSAR in minutes

Automate your data subject access requests (DSAR) with DataGrail. Fewer people. Less time. Less stress.

Our customers love us
DataGrail has saved us countless man hours and tech resources and really allowed us to be compliant in the easiest possible way.
Jodi Chapin, General Counsel, REVOLVE
DataGrail Recognized in 2021 Gartner® Market Guide for Subject Rights Request Automation
How it works
Customizable, Branded DSAR forms

A consumer begins the data subject request (DSR) process by filling out a form on your website.

Forms are branded, user-friendly and easily accessible with DataGrail.

Stop fraudulent DSARS in their tracks.

Don’t aggravate your customers by asking them to submit more personal data. With DataGrail’s Smart Verification there’s no need for gov’t IDs, Passports or selfies. We use pre-existing data about a person to authenticate their identity.

Save time and make your team more efficient.

Eliminate spreadsheets and manual processes that bring on more risk and bigger fines. Automate access, deletion and do-not-sell (opt-out) requests.

Data discovery is real-time and accurate so processing takes minutes, giving you peace of mind and your customer a better experience.

Know where you stand. Track the status.

Manage and monitor data subject requests from one, centralized dashboard.

  • Real-time compliance logs
  • Deletion requests are anonymously tracked
  • Consumer choose between PDF and machine-readable format

Effortless requests

Automate a DSAR with confidence that it will be processed accurately each time. Request Manager effortlessly identifies the location of personal data across your entire business, fulfilling access, deletion, and do-not-sell requests in minutes.

No-code onboarding

Don’t burden your engineering team with complicated onboarding and timely ongoing maintenance. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Curious about how it all works?
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