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Request Manager

Automate Privacy Requests

Automate your data subject requests (DSRs) with DataGrail. Fewer people. Less time. Less stress.

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“ DataGrail has saved us countless man hours and tech resources and really allowed us to be compliant in the easiest possible way. ”
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How it works
privacy request form
Build data subject request forms for your website.

Keep inbound subject requests organized by funneling them through a request form on your website. All requests that come through the form will automatically populate in your compliance dashboard and send you notifications to keep you on track.

Forms are branded, user-friendly, and easily accessible so your end users have a positive privacy experience and grow trust in your brand.

identity verification form
Stop fraudulent DSARs in their tracks.

Verifying a data subject’s identity before you fulfill a request is a vital step in your privacy request process. Don’t frustrate data subjects by asking them to submit more personal data such as passports, selfies, or government IDs.

DataGrail’s Smart Verification™ uses pre-existing data to authenticate user identities, saving them time and preventing undue risk to your company.

Data Privacy Management Dashboard
Know where you stand. Never miss a deadline.

Manage and monitor every data subject request from one dashboard:

  • View active requests by status, type, system owner, and more.
  • Receive notifications when legal deadlines are approaching.
  • Monitor DSR trends to optimize the impact of your program.
data subject request fulfillment
Collaborate with internal teams & third-party vendors.

Without DataGrail: Fulfill one subject request at a time by collaborating closely with internal team members and external parties.

With DataGrail:

  • Eliminate endless email threads with in-platform project management.
  • Authorize third-party vendors to perform DSAR’s on behalf of others.
  • Notify data subjects automatically once requests have been fulfilled.
product screen - process AI data systems
Orchestrate data requests across your AI systems

No matter where personal information lives across your AI systems, DataGrail will orchestrate deletion, access, and opt-out requests.

  • Process data requests for your internal models via Internal Systems Integration (ISI) agent with Request Manager.
  • Enable your privacy operations on top of any internal and third-party systems using AI.
Data Integrity


Minimize risk of human error when managing DSARs.

DataGrail can minimize risk of data being missed or inaccurately retrieved, deleted or anonymized. Our software will also help you track all requests to ensure nothing slips through the cracks and that all requests are processed with precision.

DSAR automation


Make your team more efficient by streamlining manual tasks.

Managing DSARs manually can take your legal, IT and engineering teams offline for days, one request at a time. DataGrail offers tools to handle data subject access, deletion, and do-not-sell (opt-out) requests in a repeatable, scalable way.

codeless onboarding

No-code onboarding

Don't burden your engineering team with complicated onboarding and timely ongoing system maintenance. Let us help you do the heavy lifting for you.

Managed Services with DataGrail

Strengthen your team with a privacy expert

DataGrail Managed Services gives you access to a dedicated privacy manager who helps build a scalable program and manage DSR processing. Focus your security, legal, and privacy teams on their most strategic work while DataGrail handles day-to-day operations.

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