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Recent Editions

GrailMail June Edition

June marks the start of summer and as the temperatures climb… so do the demands for consumer privacy.

From CCPA enforcement to legislative hurdles in Vermont, we’ve gathered a snapshot of what’s been making headlines this month so that you can stay ahead of the curve.

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GrailMail May Edition

Another month, another GrailMail. 🗞️ May brought a flurry of new regulations and news stories—we’ve got Vermont and Maryland leading the charge with some of the strictest data privacy laws yet, states clashing with Congress over privacy rights, and more. We’re rounding up the top stories, trends, and actionable insights you need to know this month so you can stay a step ahead.

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GrailMail April Edition

Happy April, folks! 🌸 Flowers are beginning to bloom and so are new data privacy regulations and trends. We have a lot in store for you for April’s GrailMail. There’s a new proposal for a federal privacy law, new state privacy laws passed, discussions on consent or pay models, and more—plus DataGrail has the latest data privacy trends from our annual privacy trends report.

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GrailMail March Edition

Well, folks, there is certainly no such thing as a slow month when it comes to data privacy news — and March proved to be no different. From new US state privacy laws passed, questionable behavior from automakers, AI regulations, and more. We’re catching you up on the top news from March so you can stay a step ahead.

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GrailMail February Edition

A lot has happened since January’s GrailMail. New CPRA regulations, settlements with the California AG, and more. We’re here to keep you up-to-date on the latest. Read on for a summary of February’s top data privacy news stories and some great article recommendations from the team at DataGrail.

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GrailMail January Edition

Welcome to 2024, folks. How are your New Year’s goals coming along? Just one month into the new year, we’ve seen significant changes in the data privacy landscape with New Jersey (and most likely New Hampshire) signing privacy legislation into law.

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2023 Data Privacy in Review

Happy holidays, friends! It’s been quite the year for both DataGrail and the data privacy space. With 2024 fast approaching, it’s a great time to look back and reflect. Consider this your deep dive into the ghost of data privacy’s past, present, and future.

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GrailMail October Edition

We were thrilled to host our first-ever DataGrail Summit this Fall, bringing together leaders across legal, security, and privacy to plan the future of data privacy. Watch the on-demand sessions now or share them with colleagues.

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Balancing Act

As we approach the end of the month, we’re considering the balance between privacy and personalization, highlighting community experts, and diving into wormholes. (You’ll understand that last part more when you get to the summer reading section.)

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The Psychology of Privacy

GrailMailers: It’s August. We hope you’re reading this on a beach somewhere. Today we’re talking about promoting privacy with psychology, asking about your AI exposure as a privacy pro, and introducing DataGrail’s new Managed Services offering.

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Summer reading

It’s Thursday — welcome back to GrailMail. Today we’re diving into California’s new privacy complaint form, more thought leadership from industry experts, and a beach read recommendation.

Let’s get going.

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A CCPA punt by the Superior Court of California, another comprehensive data privacy law on the horizon (Hi, Delaware), and a new US-EU Data Privacy Framework — who said privacy is no fun?

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