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Recent Issues

Data Privacy Week 2023

Happy Data Privacy Week! As we lead up to the official Data Privacy Day for the US this Saturday, there are still lots of ways to celebrate individually and collectively with the data privacy community. And you can use this newsletter as your cheat sheet!

In this week’s edition:

  • Privacy Pro Tip from resident privacy whiz, Merry Marwig
  • Ways to participate in this year’s Data Privacy Week
  • Your invitation to talk all things privacy with Julie Cantor (Associate GC at Studs)
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2022 in Review

Happy 2023! Can Meta defend the use of personalized ads in the EU, or is a major shakeup near? CEO Daniel Barber shares his perspective in Bloomberg Law. Don’t fret too much over the negative headlines, though. This week’s newsletter has many ways to prepare your company for the bright side of data privacy.

  • 2022 in review: privacy edition
  • Alex Krylov's privacy predictions for the year ahead
  • CPRA is here. Now what?
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California Dreaming

Farewell 2022. We’re shaking things up and bringing you GrailMail two weeks in a row! Welcome to this Special Edition GrailMail: CPRA Supercharge. DataGrail launched a CPRA Hub to help you wrap your mind around all things California Privacy — from vendor management to HR requirements, and even something special for CISOs. We just couldn’t wait until the new year to share.

Before you set your OOO messages or sing Auld Lang Syne, we hope that you’ll take stock of the awesome accomplishments of the data privacy community worldwide, but also enter 2023 with privacy peace of mind.

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What’s your risk score?

Hello, December. We're in the home stretch of 2022, but you're just getting started. The privacy law on everyone's mind goes into effect in less than a month, and the countdown is on. (Did someone say CPRA?)

In today's edition:

  • Calculate your privacy risk with the click of a button
  • A need-to-know privacy pointer
  • More privacy news from Meta
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Tweet tweet

Hello, November. As the leaves change and the weather cools off, we're looking toward 2023 in the world of privacy and all the new beginnings it will bring. (More on that here.)

  • Explore our new research on consumer sentiments toward privacy
  • The Twitter thread that keeps on giving from The Privacy Whisperer
  • Elon Musk, ADPPA, and Drizly – read the latest news in the world of privacy
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Are you awake?

We're shaking things up and bringing you GrailMail two weeks in a row. Welcome to our first Special Edition GrailMail: Privacy Awakening. DataGrail surveyed 2,000+ consumers across North America and Europe to better understand consumer sentiments around data privacy in the digital age, and the findings were so 👀 eye-opening, we had to share them with you bright and early this morning.

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It’s that time again

It’s that time of year again — P.S.R. is upon us. If you’ve never been, P.S.R. is one of IAPP’s premiere US-focused conferences on privacy. As someone who went last year, I highly recommend it as somewhere to learn, grow your career, and meet amazing privacy professionals.

  • A fresh perspective on the ADPPA
  • The Privacy & Ecommerce Report – just-released privacy research
  • What's cooking with DataGrail's Inaugural Dinner Series
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People Are Talking

Hello Fall. We are welcoming the new season with a new national data privacy law. Indonesia (the world’s fourth most populous nation) was the latest country to join the world's stage for its data privacy and protection bill.

  • ICYMI: Privacy experts break down the Sephora News
  • G2's Jen Amarwal on top tips for passing the CIPP/US exam
  • We round up the top privacy news of September
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Tick Tock

Tick tock. As the congressional calendar (and potential hopes of the ADPPA) start to wind down, agencies are picking up the pace – most recently seen by the FTC’s recent decision to kickoff its privacy rule-making.

  • New Gartner research on the future of privacy technology
  • See how you can learn from WWE’s privacy lead on perfecting privacy practices
  • Privacy Experts Grade the ADPPA
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Uncharted Waters

The California Privacy Protection Agency held a special meeting where they considered the ADPPA. No decisions were made, but the waters are shaky at best.

Vice President Harris's privacy roundtable
A webinar roundup chock-full of expert insights
AMA highlights from our session with SixFifty

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Major Questions

It appears the United States' mightiest privacy advocates are picking their sides either for or against the ADPPA. Despite all the commotion, the CPPA is moving along with its rule-making schedule.

  • How the Supreme Court’s EPA decision may impact the FTC and FCC
  • Some privacy podcast finds
  • Introducing a new educational series
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