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Recent Editions

Balancing Act

As we approach the end of the month, we’re considering the balance between privacy and personalization, highlighting community experts, and diving into wormholes. (You’ll understand that last part more when you get to the summer reading section.)

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The Psychology of Privacy

GrailMailers: It’s August. We hope you’re reading this on a beach somewhere. Today we’re talking about promoting privacy with psychology, asking about your AI exposure as a privacy pro, and introducing DataGrail’s new Managed Services offering.

Do you ever find yourself asking, “How do I get our employees to care about data privacy?” Explore this compelling piece about influencing employee behavior as it relates to privacy.

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Summer reading

It’s Thursday — welcome back to GrailMail. Today we’re diving into California’s new privacy complaint form, more thought leadership from industry experts, and a beach read recommendation.

Let’s get going.

The California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) soft launched its privacy rights complaint form on July 6, and officially put it into effect at the July 14 board meeting.

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A CCPA punt by the Superior Court of California, another comprehensive data privacy law on the horizon (Hi, Delaware), and a new US-EU Data Privacy Framework — who said privacy is no fun?

  • Webinar Rewind: CCPA 2.0 Incoming
  • Privacy Trivia: CCPA
  • A CCPA Punt
  • Latest in Privacy: Don't forget about Colorado and Connecticut
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Task Force Assembled

The United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) launched a privacy and data protection task force this month.

I’m curious to see how the FCC investigates the collection and sharing of geolocation data, especially as the dangers of geolocation data sales have been in the news lately.

  • Recap: Outsmart Risk Webinar
  • Member Spotlight: Privacy Basecamp Community
  • Pride Month-themed privacy trivia
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Cautionary Tale

In the latest privacy update, Florida is joining the privacy party in the U.S. as the 10th state to enact a privacy law.

  • In The News: What Meta fines mean for you
  • Privacy Survey Series: What’s your framework?
  • Tune In: DataGrail CEO Daniel Barber joins the Careers in Data Privacy Podcast
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And then there were 10

And then there were 10… -ish*. After the passage of Montana’s privacy law, a few additional states got in on the legislative action. As of this newsletter’s drafting, both Texas and Florida have bills awaiting signatures from their governors.

  • Americans want more privacy. What does it mean for your business?
  • Stay ahead of the data privacy curve with these upcoming events.
  • A new Privacy Survey Series asking about your state’s privacy laws.
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Lucky seven

Can you believe April is almost over? As we near May, Indiana is poised to become the seventh state with a comprehensive data privacy law. Meanwhile, Google is following Apple’s lead and now requires account deletion for Android apps.

  • Explore the data — the 2023 trends report is here
  • 5 Themes from the IAPP Global Privacy Summit
  • Take part in a new segment: The Privacy Survey Series
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Playing catch-up

Iowa officially became the sixth state with a comprehensive U.S. data privacy law. Also, CPRA Rulemaking Part 1 is complete!

  • Why I re-filed North Carolina Senate Bill 525 and my take on North Carolina's need for privacy rights
  • Key findings from the Privacy Trends 2023 report
  • A roundup of both virtual and in-person events, so you can stay connected
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Winner winner

We have a new data privacy law on the horizon. Iowa’s House and Senate have unanimously approved Senate File 262, making Iowa well on its way to becoming the sixth U.S. data privacy law. In this edition:

  • Sneak peak of the 1st Annual Privacy Program Awards
  • DG Perspective: The Segmented Privacy Landscape
  • Privacy headlines across the world
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Hot take

Who will be the next state to pass a comprehensive data privacy law? The race is on to be sixth. Now, over a dozen states are taking some type of legislative action. There are several states, such as Iowa, where data privacy bills have passed at least one legislative chamber.

  • Your personal invite to Outsmart Risk
  • Spotlight Series: Eric Richard, CISO, HubSpot
  • Hot take: Mozilla vs. deceptive privacy practices
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Smart cookies

On the national stage, the President shared, “it’s time to pass bipartisan legislation to stop Big Tech from collecting personal data on kids and teenagers online, ban targeted advertising to children, and impose stricter limits on the personal data these companies collect on all of us.”

  • The truth about cookies and the future of adtech
  • Privacy experts' top tips on preparing for CPRA enforcement
  • Our team's favorite privacy-themed listens
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