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Stay GDPR-compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is complex. DataGrail makes it easy to follow evolving regulations that apply to the European Union and beyond, and scales with your needs.

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the EU’s flagship data privacy law. It’s comprehensive, expansive, and sets a high global standard for protecting the privacy rights and freedoms of people.

Since it began in May of 2018, the GDPR has inspired a series of global data protection laws and legislative reform, including California’s CCPA/CPRA, Brazil’s LGPD, and Japan’s APPI, and more.

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Do I need to worry about it?

That depends! The GDPR applies to any organization processing a European’s “personal data” in any capacity and from anywhere around the world. “Personal data” includes identified and identifiable information, directly or indirectly, and itemizes “special categories” of sensitive data that’s subject to higher requirements. It also grants individuals enforceable data privacy rights. GDPR requires demonstrable compliance with complex requirements, the violations of which can lead to penalties up to 2-4% of global revenues.

How DataGrail can help

Don’t stress over compliance

Changing regulations add a layer of complexity to data privacy. That’s why our products are built with compliance in mind.

Streamline privacy requests

Everyone has the right to ask businesses to identify and delete their personal data. By automating DPR processes and responding to customers in a timely manner, you’ll build a trusted reputation.

Uncover personal data

Uncover where customer data is stored in your systems so you can respond to privacy requests quickly and make proactive business decisions.

Automate DPIAs and PIAs

Our Data Privacy Platform, along with over 2,000 deep integrations, helps you autopopulate responses to Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs).

Stay ahead of risk

Privacy legislation is constantly evolving. With DataGrail, you can rest easy knowing your organization is up to date on request policies, functionality, and compliance.

“In DataGrail we saw a company that was highly focused on giving us a solution for managing CCPA and GDPR, providing a real live data map that no longer needs our human intervention to stay compliant.”
E-Commerce VP

GDPR requirements

Here’s how the Data Privacy Platform can help you meet all GDPR requirements:

Centralize privacy requests (DSRs) like Access, Deletion, Portability and others

Verify requestor identity, proportionally

Fulfill DSRs safely, collaboratively and on time

Document your data and processing purposes, complete your Article 30 requirements.

Maintain accurate and easy to read privacy policies

Conduct Data Protection / Privacy Impact Assessments

Add DataGrail to your team

Work with a dedicated privacy manager to build a scalable program and manage DSR processes, so your teams can be more strategic with their time.

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