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DataGrail Consent

DataGrail Consent delivers a no-code Consent offering that covers all major global policy frameworks (GDPR, CPRA, etc.) in minutes. Easy to implement, deeply customizable, and highly performant across your entire web experience, our CMP serves as an important pillar to build out a fully fledged, automated privacy program.

Don’t sacrifice developer time, create more noise, or wonder if you are truly compliant. DataGrail Consent helps you:


Transition from a no consent solution to full, global compliance in just minutes

Our no-code integration to Google Tag Manager provides rapid deployment and allows privacy managers to respond to updates without burning developer time.


Cover all major global policy frameworks

Ensuring alignment with regulatory standards, our platform’s instant IP detection feature dynamically tailors consent banners to visitor’s locations, which enhances user experience and compliance accuracy.


Improve customer experience and build trust

DataGrail Consent’s automated, no-code deployment simplifies banner creation, while the filterable analytics dashboard provides valuable insights into opt-in rates and compliance metrics at scale.


Maintain a consistent brand experience

DataGrail Consent can be fully customized for a customer-first consent experience by letting them set their preferences and customize what data they choose to share.

What set’s DataGrail Consent apart?

What sets DataGrail Consent apart is its deep customization options tailored to your business’s unique privacy posture. This enables you to build trust with your customers by delivering personalized consent experiences. Our enterprise-grade framework-driven behavior also ensures precise banner display based on things like language, policy framework, and user preferences, while features like unique IP identifiers and GPC signal support enhance customer privacy and satisfaction even further. With Datagrail Consent, achieving compliance has never been easier or more molded to fit your individual business needs.