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Privacy, Evolved:
People Want Privacy

Over time, some things stay the same: Regardless of political affiliation, Americans continue to believe it's their right to have their personal data protected by federal law.

Privacy is a Bipartisan Issue

8 out of 10 Americans agree there should be a federal law protecting their personal data. They also feel they should have more control over how their data is used at a business.

Without a federal law, Americans continue to be more fearful than Europeans when comes to their privacy.

66% of Americans have online privacy concerns
33% of Europeans have online privacy concerns

Social Media Ranks #1

60% of Americans agree, if everyone had the same rights as Californians, they’d ask social media companies to delete their data and stop the sharing of it.

Privacy Concerns

People absolutely fear their email getting hacked, and consider their social security number the most personal piece of their identity.

Top Five Online Privacy Concerns

1. Email being hacked
2. Companies knowing too much and using it for nefarious purposes
3. Personal data exposed in data breach
4. Personal information given to government or third-party
5. Companies selling data to third-parties they don’t know about