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The Great
Privacy Awakening

2022: Consumer Privacy in the Age of Personalization, Privacy Rights, and Personal Data

The data is in:

People know that privacy is a human right.

They want more control over how their personal data is used, and they spend more with the brands that earn their trust.

When it comes to consumer privacy news, stories cut one of two ways: "brand creates magical, personalized experiences" (think Stitch Fix or Care/Of), or "company comprises customers' data" (think Facebook whistleblower).

People share personal information online, and consumer privacy and sharing in the digital age are not, and should not be, mutually exclusive. Given the choice, people will opt to share personal data with brands they trust, creating a flywheel of personalization (and revenue), all powered by privacy.

To build that privacy-powered future, DataGrail surveyed consumers in 2020 and 2022 about their brand perceptions, and how they relate to trust and loyalty. Here are the results.

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