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Privacy Risk Calculator

Quickly find out how many systems hold personal data in your organization.

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Start Uncovering Hidden Privacy Risks

DataGrail’s free Privacy Risk Assessment tool helps you start understanding and addressing your data privacy risk profile quickly and easily. Our research shows up to 50% of third-party SaaS tech goes undetected during manual data mapping and Okta notes that large companies (2,000 or more employees) use an average of 211 different software applications across operations. It’s easy to see how data can slip through the cracks.

Take the first step toward outsmarting risk and increasing brand trust by assessing your systems with DataGrail.

Reasons to Assess Your Risk

Discover Shadow IT

It’s easier than you think for new apps to connect to your software stack, and you’re responsible for protecting the data shared between systems.

Identify Risky Personal Data

Names and emails are just the tip of the iceberg. All kinds of personal data are stored across third-party and owned systems at your company.

Do Better Business

Put privacy at the heart of company operations to generate and maintain consumer trust. 3 out of 4 people would rather shop with a brand they trust than save a few dollars elsewhere.

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