Tech Stack Risk Calculator

You hear about privacy risk all the time. But what are the tangible impacts to your job and company? Complete this quick quiz to find out how many systems hold personal data in your organization and what that means.

Discover Shadow IT

It’s easier than you think for new apps to get connected to your software stack. They go by many names (extensions, integrations, plug-ins, and more) — and you’re responsible for protecting people’s data shared between them.

Identify Risky Personal Data

Names and emails are just the tip of the iceberg. All kinds of personal data are stored across third-party and owned systems at your company. Detect and map it now to stay ahead of compliance requirements.

Do Better Business

Put privacy at the heart of your company’s operations to generate trust with your consumers so they keep coming back. Brand credibility — and your bottom line — will thank you.

Which tools does your company use?

Select all that apply in each category.

What tool do you use to log into applications (Single Sign-On provider) at your company?

Which marketing and customer tools does your company use?

Which team communication platforms does your company use?

Which data & analytics tools does your company use?

Which business apps does your company use?

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