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DataGrail Summit 2023

Where legal, security and privacy connect to plan the future of data privacy

Attended by the world's
most trusted brands

It's great to be at an industry conference working through how to be privacy forward, and what that means for our respective companies— and how to do that in creative ways with new laws and privacy requirements around the world.
Jess Hertz General Counsel Shopify
The biggest takeaway from the DataGrail Summit is the importance of simplicity and transparency when you are communicating with your consumers to build trust. If you want to collect data, you need to give reasons, and deliver on the results.
Julie Bornstein Former leader at StitchFix, Sephora, Nordstrom, Pinterest

Watch Alex Stamos talk about
the implications of an AI world

Alex Stamos, co-founder of Krebs Stamos Group
  • Hear how leaders from the most recognizable e-commerce brands—StitchFix, Shopify, Pinterest—balance data personalization and privacy.
  • Watch CCPA co-author, Rick Arney, IDC’s Ryan O’Leary, and Gunderson Dettmer’s Head Data Privacy Counsel, Anna Westfelt predict what regulators will enforce next.
  • Listen to CISOs and GCs unpack how they successfully reach across the aisle to their legal or security counterparts to build impactful privacy programs.

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Video Sessions


The New Frontier: Implications of an AI World

Alex Stamos is a cybersecurity expert, business leader, and entrepreneur working to improve the security and safety of the internet. Most recently, he served as Facebook’s Chief Security Officer where he led the company’s investigation into the manipulation of the 2016 U.S. election and helped pioneer several protections against new classes of abuse. For the first time, Alex will deliver a keynote on the geopolitical implications of AI for our future, and what it means for tech, security, and privacy.

Alex Stamos Co-Founder KSG
Moderated Panel

Privacy 2.0: Uncovering What’s Next for Data Privacy

The only constant in data privacy is change. New global and U.S. privacy laws emerge and evolve constantly. Consumer expectations are high and their privacy knowledge is maturing. Join leading privacy experts to unpack major business concerns, trends, and shifts companies should be aware of in the rapidly evolving space.

Anna Westfelt Head of Data Privacy Gunderson Dettmer
Rick Arney Co-author of CCPA
Ryan O’Leary IDC (moderator)
Moderated Panel

The Flywheel of Trust: Personalization + Privacy

Finding a balance between meeting consumer demands for personalized experiences and respecting their data privacy expectations is tough, but it’s possible. Join e-commerce and publishing industry leaders as they explore how businesses can build a flywheel of customer trust that respects data privacy while enabling personalization.

Cathy Polinsky CTO DataGrail
Jess Hertz GC Shopify
Julie Bornstein Former COO StitchFix
Trishla Ostwal AI & Tech Privacy Reporter Adweek

Let’s Get Technical: Talking Privacy With Your CISO

By 2024, 75% of the world’s population will have privacy rights, but many organizations are still in the early stages of building comprehensive data privacy programs. Regardless of where privacy resides in an organization, it’s a technical challenge that needs security team support. Overstock’s Brandon Greenwood and Fanduel’s JJ Agha will unpack data privacy’s technical challenges and discuss how to speak with security teams about building lasting privacy programs that reduce overall business risk.

Brandon Greenwood CISO Overstock (Now known as Bed Bath & Beyond)
Jonathan Agha CISO FanDuel
Fireside Chat

Mean Tweets: Privacy Edition

The dreaded email:“Your personal information was compromised in a data breach.” Or the annoying experience of unticking a dozen boxes to safeguard your privacy online. Unfortunately these unwelcome privacy experiences are far too common today and can lead to what Jimmy Kimmel calls, “Mean Tweets.” Join us to review a sampling of Privacy Mean Tweets, unpack the scenarios that lead to consumers venting online, and discuss the steps your business can take to avoid social media backlash.

Alex Su Head of Community Development Ironclad
Justin Olsson GC Anyscale
Moderated Panel

Crossroads: Where Privacy & Compliance Meet

Privacy. Compliance. Security. These terms are often used interchangeably. However, while similar, they aren’t the same. Hear from three industry-seasoned CISOs, Ty Sbano of Vercel, Matt Hillary of Drata, and Chris Deibler of DataGrail, about how they define each term, how and where they intersect to execute on privacy, and where legal fits into the mix.

Ty Sbano CISO Vercel
Matt Hillary CISO Drata
Chris Deibler VP of Security DataGrail

He Said, She Said: Making Privacy Work

Speaking security is a special skill, but what about legal language? Legal departments often handle all things regulatory, including privacy, but a successful privacy program requires collaboration across security, legal, and privacy. Join to learn from experienced legal and security leaders about how they approach partnering with other departments to implement effective privacy programs.

Jonathan Bollozos Chief Privacy Officer Thomson Reuters
Alyssa Harvey Dawson CLO HubSpot
Kevin Paige CISO Uptycs
Fireside Chat

Closing Fireside Chat: Can Data Privacy & Ethical AI Coexist

Generative AI continues to dominate headlines around the world while fundamentally changing how we operate. Yet, the privacy implications of AI are being overshadowed by hype. Join industry leaders for a fireside chat about how we prepare for the inevitable intertwining of data privacy and AI, and what it might mean for the world.

Joshua Browder CEO DoNotPay
Dazza Greenwood Founder, and Internet Protocol Consultant Consumer Reports
Barbara Lawler President The IAF
Daniel Barber CEO DataGrail

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