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Data Privacy by design. Data Security at its core.

Privacy is only as strong as the security protecting it. DataGrail is architected for privacy management, but security is our foundation.

Top Security & Privacy Features

  • Physical Security. All sensitive data is stored in AWS in encrypted storage systems. We have no servers on premise.

  • Data Protection. Our customers provision cloud storage in their own environments, with limited permissions granted to DataGrail.

  • Data Encryption. All customer data is encrypted at rest using AES-256, and encrypted in transit from VPC to clients via TLS v1.2 to prevent a security breach.

  • Data Recovery. Data is backed up daily with AES-256 data encryption, with a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of 24 hours to prevent data loss.

  • Data Ownership. Your data 100% belongs to you. We do not use, sell, or repurpose your data.

  • Vulnerability Management. Penetration tests are performed every 6 months, with any issues handled within a day.

  • Account Security. Two-factor authentication: We support Okta, Google SSO, and other SSO providers to prevent a data breach.


Critical Data Protection You Need

When it comes to data security and protection, it’s challenging to secure sensitive data all on your own. A data breach is more likely to happen as your organization grows and expands its digital footprint, especially without the right cyber security measures. It’s vital to protect your organization against data loss.

Data security and protection solutions help you gain greater visibility and insights into data loss and allow you to manage your regulatory compliance. Whether you're looking to protect sensitive internal company information or client data, DataGrail is your solution. Built with security at its core, DataGrail provides your organization with the best data privacy and protection solutions.

Bug Bounty Program

Part of DataGrail’s commitment to excellence is our focus on building a secure platform for data security and protection that ensures the integrity of our customer’s sensitive data.

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