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Data Privacy for
Retail & E-Commerce Companies

Build consumer trust in your brand and watch revenue grow.

Investing in privacy does more for your company than mitigate risk: It’s a revenue accelerator. DataGrail helps you strike the right balance between serving your customers best and treating their personal data with respect.

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Companies use DataGrail to grow consumer confidence in their brands. Eliminating risk is only part of the puzzle — they’re after ROI.

Brand Reputation

Create a flywheel of trust with your buyer

You’ve already invested in building relationships with your customer base. DataGrail supercharges your ability to create memorable experiences with their personal preferences in mind, creating a flywheel of trust with data privacy in the center.

Simpler Compliance

Prepared for anything to future-proof against risk

With the only data mapping technology backed by deep integrations, DataGrail creates comprehensive privacy policies so you can be responsive to consumers’ expectations and privacy regulations as they evolve — without spending more.

Downright Easy

Get started right away and ditch the dependencies

DataGrail offers no-code onboarding, which means you can skip the operations queues and get up and running with your data privacy program in days — not weeks or months. Ongoing data management of personal information is powered by a clean, streamlined UI that anyone on your team can use.

Big Revenue Returns

Upholding the social contract is money

As an e-commerce brand or retailer, you do better business when buyers personalize their experiences. Optimize yours with DataGrail and enjoy increased buyer attention. It’s time to meet the 75% of people more likely to spend money with brands whose privacy practices they trust.


Data Mapping

Get a bird’s eye view of risky personal data held across systems at your company with a data inventory that is automatically kept up-to-date. Build brand trust on a solid foundation you can depend on with consumer privacy at the forefront.

Live Data Map

Assessments (DPIAs)

Customer data lives everywhere. Backed by DataGrail’s extensive integration network that detect personal data across your tech stack, Risk Monitor auto-populates assessments (like DPIAs) required by CPRA, GDPR, and other privacy regulation legislation.

Risk Monitor

Data Subject Requests (DSRs)

Complete DSRs and opt-out requests in minutes, eliminating manual processes and ensuring continuous compliance. No engineering resources required. Get time back to focus on optimizing your customers’ experience.

Request Manager

Support From Privacy Experts

DataGrail Managed Services gives you access to a dedicated privacy manager who helps build a scalable program and manage DSR processing. Refocus your security, legal, and privacy teams on their most strategic work while DataGrail handles day-to-day operations.

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“We have a true partnership with the DataGrail team. They understand how important it is to deliver a privacy experience that matches customer expectations of our brand.”

Brandon Greenwood

CISO, VP Security & IT

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