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Alarm Bells: Consumer
Privacy Concerns
are on the Rise

People take action to safeguard their personal data, are very aware of privacy, and are willing to pay to protect it.

People Are Fed Up, Creeped Out, and Feel Powerless

60% of people are concerned about their online privacy 
34% are feeling overwhelmed about managing their privacy
35% feel fed up about data used to serve personalized ad
25% feel creeped out about data used to serve personalized ad
53% feel they have little control over their online identity
Learn how brands create personalized experiences that delight - and respect - their customer privacy

Awareness of personal data-selling practices increased

Percentage of people aware that companies sell data to third-partiers
People are more aware than ever that companies sell their data to third-parties (thanks Cambridge Analytica!), and a full 85% would like to know which businesses are collecting data about them and how they use it.
79% of people expect to have control over how their data is used at a business.