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The Next Era of the
Great Privacy

More than half the population believe privacy is a human right.

There is a firm belief people should be able to dictate how their personal information is handled, and it should protected under federal law. People are fed up and overwhelmed, and left feeling powerless.

It's confusing, considering we live in a world where people share deeply personal things about themselves online, but privacy and personalization can go together.

People may choose to share information for a highly personalized experience with an application or service they trust. This is not a bad thing! In fact, it can be a great thing. They key word is "choose."

People want choice and control.

When people feel like their data is in good hands, they are more willing to shop, share, and interact. Yet, when brand trust erodes, people walk away and take their business elsewhere.

The bottom line: Privacy rights need protection, and it's a person’s right to decide what happens to their information.