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Data Privacy for Retail Companies

Retailers, there's a better way. DataGrail is a complete data privacy platform that enables brands to automate consumer privacy requests and scale effective privacy programs.

Fact: privacy is affecting how consumers shop

The thing is, consumers these days aren’t very trusting of organizations when it comes to data privacy practices — especially Gen Z and Millennials. They still feel mostly in the dark, which makes them suspicious. Nearly 60% of consumers think companies are selling their data. And they’re taking action with both their wallet and consumer privacy request submissions.

94 %
of consumers say they prioritize personal data security when choosing retailers
42 %
of 18 – 24 year olds submitted a data privacy access request in 2023
246 %
increase in total DSR volume per 1M identities from 2021 to 2023

Automate consumer privacy requests, quickly, accurately, and at scale

The retail industry reported the largest quantity of access requests in 2023. The data privacy landscape is changing — and spreadsheets and manual workflows won’t cut it anymore. DataGrail’s complete data privacy platform allows retail teams to quickly fulfill consumer privacy requests with less people, at scale through responsible automation that is secure and trustworthy. We’ve helped take companies from a process of 300 people involved in privacy request fulfillment down to one.

Customer success is in our DNA

We’ll be there with you every step of the way guiding you on your data privacy journey and taking your business from a frantic, reactive state with manual, time-consuming workflows, to a confident proactive state with fully automated privacy workflows and consumer privacy requests fulfillment.

Consent experiences that enhance the customer journey, not disrupt it

Finally—a consent product that actually automates compliance for busy privacy teams and feels like an extension of your brand.

DataGrail Consent is a no-code consent management platform that is deeply customizable, highly performant, and automates compliance through continuous syncing to Google Tag Manager. No more begging your dev team to make updates, worrying about banners not loading, or serving the wrong banner to the wrong person.

Bed Bath & Beyond Revamps Data Privacy to Achieve 10X ROI

DataGrail has really helped us with reducing risk and gaining trust from our customer base, and making it a very easy and seamless process. It’s been a 10x ROI from the investment in DataGrail.

Protect your reputation

Safeguard your reputation and mitigate risk by staying on top of ever-changing privacy legal requirements and getting full visibility into personal data across systems.

Build brand trust

Maintain a high level of trust by quickly fulfilling consumer privacy requests with less people, at scale with DataGrail automation.

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Enhance consumer experience

Our purpose-built privacy solution transforms retail experiences. Give customer’s 360° control of their data with consent management.

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