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Bed Bath & Beyond Revamps Data Privacy to Achieve 10X ROI


Bed Bath & Beyond is a home goods retailer founded in 1971. They recently rebranded in 2023 as part of a purchase by The brand has since transitioned to concentrate on e-commerce sales.

Founded: 1999
Industry: Retail Technology
Size: 10,000+ employees
The Challenge

An outdated data privacy model

After being acquired by in 2023, Bed Bath & Beyond looked at how its customers could gain access to their personal data and realized that it needed to quickly implement sweeping changes to its approach to data privacy.

The largest issue was how the company was handling data subject requests (DSRs). At times, customers would only have access to a brief online description of how to file a request, with instructions to email the company directly.

In addition to creating unnecessary friction for the customer, this also generated enormous amounts of work—and wasted time—for Bed Bath & Beyond’s IT operations. Brandon Greenwood, Chief Information Security Officer at Bed Bath & Beyond, underlined just how bad things were. “When we initially started looking at solutions and products, it was taking us upwards of three weeks to service a DSR, touching 46 individual technologies, each having 1-2 people servicing those technologies. There were often challenges availability and these folks not having time.”

Brandon was also looking for a solution that could integrate with a large number of other internal and third-party systems, including cloud and on-prem. Most technologies on the market could only be paired with a single system; Bed Bath & Beyond needed one that would seamlessly link with roughly 50 systems.

Brandon Greenwood
The Solution

A turnkey solution to data mapping and DSR management

Brandon and the Bed Bath & Beyond team chose DataGrail as their data privacy partner because it offered solutions that:

  1. Automates data discovery, mapping, and DSR management
  2. Works both in the cloud and on-prem
  3. Offers unlimited integration capabilities

With DataGrail, Bed, Bath & Beyond transformed data privacy from a cumbersome liability into a streamlined process that could act as a cornerstone for the company’s new, online business model. As Greenwood emphasized, “DataGrail really helped us with reducing risk and gaining trust from our customer base — and making it a very easy and seamless process.”

DataGrail really helped us with reducing risk, and gaining trust from our customer base — and making it a very easy and seamless process.”
Brandon Greenwood
The Results

Reducing DRS turnaround from 3 weeks to a few hours

Using DataGrail, Bed Bath & Beyond was able to improve the customer and employee experience. In addition to providing customers with a fast and easy path to manage their data, DataGrail’s solution made internal operations more efficient by cutting turnaround on DSRs from three weeks touching numerous teams to a few hours managed by a single person. Automating this process allowed engineers to focus their efforts on engineering rather than on tasks outside of their job descriptions.

Greenwood reflects that in addition to delivering on the initial project of revamping and scaling Bed Bath & Beyond’s data privacy systems, DataGrail “continue(s) to innovate and deliver on the other requests that we’ve had since,” helping grow and improve their program year over year.

The results of the partnership speak for themselves: Bed Bath & Beyond has seen 10x ROI from their investment with DataGrail.

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