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Data Privacy at Scale


Life360 offers a mobile app that helps over 60 million users keep track of the location and safety of their families. The Life360 team chose DataGrail as the ideal solution to scale their data privacy program and manage their high request volume securely and efficiently.

Founded: 2008
Industry: Mobile apps
Location: San Francisco, CA
Size: 251-500
The Challenge

Scaling data privacy to drive customer trust Data privacy is critical to Life360.

Customers trust Life360 with sensitive data on their families, and any potential privacy exposure would impact brand reputation and customer trust. Life360 proactively ensures that customers can easily manage their data privacy settings, and as a result handles more privacy requests per month than 95% of their peers. To meet customer expectations, Life360 must fulfill these privacy requests quickly and accurately. Before DataGrail, managing this high volume of requests required more than 18 staff members, including technical roles to execute custom automated scripts.

Mapping customer data across first and third-party systems was also a manual process. To be certain they were compliant with applicable regulations and avoid human error, the compliance team needed to spend extra time and involve additional Life360 resources to complete individual requests.

Life360 recognized they needed a technical solution that could match the pace of their data subject request volume while giving their team a comprehensive view into their privacy risk exposure.

Ammy Lesniak
Sr. Compliance Manager, Privacy
The Solution

Proactively discover and classify risk

Life360 was drawn to DataGrail for the potential of Responsible Data Discovery to provide a more complete map of customer data across first and third-party systems than any manual mapping process could achieve. For example, Life360’s leadership hoped to classify risk and differentiate systems containing trivial versus sensitive data so their team could better control access to location data and other higher-risk information.

With Responsible Data Discovery, Life360 could identify and mitigate privacy violations before they ever became an issue. Combined with the opportunity to leverage DataGrail’s integration network to accelerate privacy request processing and reduce reliance on manual methods, DataGrail offered a holistic solution for scaling data privacy work.

That third-party data discovery, I don't think I can say that I've seen any other tool that currently does that like DataGrail. The threshold for data classification has already been met and surpassed in terms of what I expected with OneTrust.”
Ammy Lesniak
Sr. Compliance Manager, Privacy
The Results

Greater confidence with automation at scale

Life360’s first priority during implementation was to better understand their present risk exposure. They identified over 400 systems using Live Data Map and successfully charted higher-risk location and payment information across internal systems. This type of data was more difficult to track in past manual efforts. By learning exactly where and how sensitive information was shared across internal systems, the compliance team could now make more informed decisions on acceptable use.

Life360 now uses Request Manager to complete data subject requests in just 15 minutes on average. With the help of third and first-party app integrations, they have also been able to reduce the staff required to monitor and process requests down to just one person. Their team is now free to participate in more strategic and technical projects supporting the organization.

Data Discovery has been really insightful for us. It’s allowed us to identify and address data privacy violations before they become a problem.”
Ammy Lesniak
Sr. Compliance Manager, Privacy

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