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The recent Sephora settlement sent shockwaves through the privacy community. The focus on Do Not Sell was not the expected first move. The California AG is taking a stand and saying it’s no longer okay for companies to freely use people’s data for monetary or similar gain, without giving consumers the opportunity to opt-out. With CPRA going into effect in 2023, we expect this to be the first of a series of sweeps by the California AG.

Join Rick Arney, a co-author of the CCPA, DataGrail’s CTO, Cathy Polinsky, (formerly of Shopify and StitchFix), and DataGrail CEO, Daniel Barber, for an impromptu LinkedIn Live to discuss Sephora’s $1.2M CCPA fine, and what brands can do to avoid the same fate before CPRA goes into effect in January.

Come with questions, and leave learning:

  • What this settlement means for brands that use ad tech for tracking
  • What brands can do to respect privacy and still optimize for a personalized experience
  • What to expect next from regulators in advance of CPRA
  • How to prepare for CPRA that goes into effect in January