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2023 will bring a sea of data privacy changes. You’ve heard the acronyms (CPRA, CPA, DPIA, GPC, and more). With those changes comes fragmentation for privacy managers. How can you tell if you and your company are ready? Disjointed standards around opt-out links, user-initiated preference signals, and privacy risk assessments, among others, will create unnecessary headaches for US businesses. Our webinar will help you prepare your privacy program for the year ahead. In this webinar, we’ll cover it all, plus:
  • What the draft rulemaking tells us about what to expect out of California next year
  • How to address privacy program gaps in your organization
  • What to consider as employees begin to exercise their privacy rights
  • Our proprietary research on consumer trends and sentiments toward privacy
  • Plus, we will share quick timelines and overviews of the Colorado Privacy Act and Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act, both also going into effect in early to mid-2023
 Join us for a combination of DataGrail proprietary data and our privacy experts’ lived experience running privacy programs.