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Next-Gen Fashion Retailer Grows Customer Trust & Safeguards Personal Data


REVOLVE is a premier e-commerce retailer for fashion and beauty products. With selections from over 500 designer brands, REVOLVE is a brand beloved by millions of consumers and has fortified its position as a leader in the e-commerce space. Amidst rapid growth in their customer base, REVOLVE’s lean legal team needed a solution to enable quick and transparent data subject request (DSR) fulfillment with the goal of creating a seamless privacy experience for customers.

Founded: 2003
Industry: Online retailer
Location: Cerritos, CA
Size: 500+ employees
Privacy Team: 2
The Challenge

As a modern direct-to-consumer retailer, REVOLVE utilizes many third-party cloud applications to manage its e-commerce presence. This means REVOLVE’s consumer data is distributed across many platforms. This left REVOLVE’s privacy team – consisting of two in-house legal department members – in charge of managing hundreds of requests without a centralized personal data source. The process for fulfilling these requests was entirely manual, relying on methods like individually contacting third-party vendors through email, phone, or even physical mail. Request fulfillment also consumed valuable engineering resources because the privacy team relied on engineers to extract information from internal systems.

In essence, the privacy team lived in spreadsheets and manually tracked everything. The process was inefficient and opened REVOLVE to risk via human error.

customer headshot
Jodi Chapin
CISO, VP Security & IT
The Solution

The REVOLVE team knew they wanted to implement a highly automated solution to significantly reduce this manual burden. Since partnering with DataGrail, the two-person privacy and legal team can quickly process requests without requiring additional resources from engineering. DataGrail also eliminated manual data entry from REVOLVE’s request fulfillment process, reducing the potential risk of human error.

This significant efficiency improvement was possible through the DataGrail Integration Network, which covers 2,000+ of the most popular cloud apps and infrastructure. By connecting existing third-party applications to DataGrail’s Request Manager, the REVOLVE team can quickly extract personal data from numerous internal systems and fulfill requests in a convenient, centralized location.

Finally, REVOLVE uses DataGrail’s DSR intake form to provide a seamless experience for customers submitting requests. The form enables easier processing for the privacy team and creates a smooth, transparent experience for REVOLVE’s customers.

Via API DataGrail allowed us to comply with customer requests very easily. The process has been centralized and there’s an easy way for our customers to submit requests.”
Sara Mirtorabi
Associate General Counsel
The Results

Integrating DataGrail substantially streamlined REVOLVE’s request management process. Request fulfillment is now extremely efficient: One team member can manage a DSR in minutes. With no-code onboarding and top-tier customer support from DataGrail, REVOLVE maintains a lean privacy management team, saves countless manual labor hours and tech resources, and ensures compliance in the easiest way possible.

  • GREW CUSTOMER TRUST With automated DSR fulfillment times of ~2 minutes
  • MINIMIZED TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP Eliminated resource drain on legal and engineering teams
  • TRANSPARENT PRACTICES Provided customers with a seamless privacy experience

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