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Studs Chooses DataGrail to Create a Comprehensive Data Privacy Program


Studs is an experiential commerce company that focuses on ear piercings and earrings.

Founded: 2019
Industry: Experiential Commerce
Location: New York, New York
The Challenge

Creating a data privacy program without an IT or engineering team

Studs deliver reimagined ear-piercing experiences for consumers. As something so personal, Studs believes that earning and keeping customer trust is critical to their success. To do this, Studs creates great customer experiences online and in stores, but knew it needed to build a data privacy program to provide more transparency to its consumers about what data it was collecting on them — and to educate them about how they can request access to, or deletion of, this data.

But, as a small and growing company without an internal IT or engineering team, Studs needed a data privacy partner that could automate and take on a lot of the heavy lifting for them — a partner that would get things right the first time around.

The effort to find a data privacy solution was led by Julie Cantor, Associate General Counsel.“Since we don’t have an in-house IT team or an in-house engineering team,” Cantor explained, “it was important for us to find a tool whose implementation and integration would be relatively straightforward. We also knew that we needed a data privacy vendor to help us out.”

Studs selected DataGrail because of its comprehensive platform, the ease with which that platform could be integrated, and the superior customer service that would be available along the way.

Julie Cantor
Associate General Counsel
The Solution

An all-in-one automated privacy platform

For Studs, DataGrail’s comprehensive data privacy platform checked all of the boxes. It offered them automated processes for data mapping and DSR management and thus eliminated the need to spend extra time, dollars, and resources on outside technical support. DataGrail’s unlimited integration option gave Studs the ability to automatically bolster privacy across the apps, systems, and platforms that it was already using.

With limited in-house resources and privacy expertise, Studs was looking for a partner that could be the expert, provide recommendations, and be there to support their ongoing program. Studs found that partnership with DataGrail. As Cantor put it, “I leverage DataGrail’s amazing community of folks who are incredibly talented and thoughtful about all things privacy.”

Studs continues to leverage DataGrail’s community of experts and fellow customers to get answers to all questions, big or small. Julie shared that this was something she “didn’t find with any other vendor I evaluated.” This collaborative environment simplified the implementation process by connecting Studs with DataGrail over Slack, giving Cantor and other members of the Studs team an easy way to ask questions, get clarity about functionality, and ultimately, get the most out of the DataGrail platform.

I leverage DataGrail’s amazing community of folks who are incredibly talented and thoughtful about all things privacy.”
Julie Cantor
Associate General Counsel
The Results

Increase in consumer trust and brand loyalty

With DataGrail, Studs was able to reduce its overall risk, build a more efficient DSR management and data mapping process, and create a more robust mitigation plan.

The partnership has lowered Studs’ privacy costs while leading to increased consumer trust in the brand and buy-in from across the organization. For example, Studs’ new data privacy program has improved its relationships with investors and other stakeholders. Because of how easy DataGrail’s platform makes it to gain a comprehensive view of privacy risk, Studs has been able to mobilize it as support for strategic business decisions.

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