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Case study

Hyper Growth Startup Achieves Scalable Privacy, Reduces Engineering Labor


Crossbeam is a partner ecosystem platform for companies to derive more value from their partnerships. The platform is an escrow service for data so that businesses can find overlapping customers with their existing partners. Having recently raised a $25M Series B just two years after the inception of the company, the Crossbeam team is growing rapidly, and data security and privacy are top of mind as they look to scale their business.

Founded: 2018
Industry: Computer Software
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Size: 60+ Employees
Privacy Team: 1 Lawyer
The Challenge

Amy Rose, Head of Legal, was the first in-house counsel hired by Crossbeam. Her role encompasses a broad scope of responsibilities, from privacy to corporate law, and it is also under her purview to ensure that Crossbeam is communicating their commitment to privacy to their customers.

When Rose joined Crossbeam, privacy was a significant drain on the engineering team’s resources. With every privacy request, the engineering team had to complete several manual steps of pulling data to fulfill the request. Additionally, the engineering team was in need of a routinely updated inventory of the exact systems that contained personal data.

One of Crossbeam’s company values is “trust is our business,” so ensuring transparency in their privacy processes is a key component of building that trust. Rose realized that while their current solutions worked for now, she needed to plan ahead for how their privacy practices would scale with their rapid future growth.

customer headshot
Amy Rose
Head of Legal at Crossbeam
The Solution

After implementing DataGrail, Rose is now able to fulfill privacy requests quickly and efficiently without additional labor from her engineering team.

Their team can rest assured that the organization can easily and efficiently sustain compliance with the CCPA, CPRA, VDCPA, and all forthcoming regulations. Most importantly, the DataGrail Integration Network has enabled her team to surface systems with personal data that they may never have previously considered. The broad reach of 900+ integrations helps power the Live Data Map to create the most accurate blueprint of systems containing personal data, thus eliminating both manual labor and risk of oversight for the Crossbeam team.

Additionally, as Crossbeam grows rapidly and enters more sales conversations, their team can easily reference DataGrail as a demonstration of their commitment to privacy. Crossbeam builds trust with their prospects and utilizes privacy as their competitive advantage with DataGrail as a partner, such as data deletion.

Being able to take this off the engineering team’s hands has been very valuable. Having a tool that makes it so easy to fulfill those requests is huge for both me and the engineering team.”
Amy Rose
Head of Legal at Crossbeam
The Results

In under three weeks, the Crossbeam team was up and running with DataGrail, with the help of a world-class customer success team and a low-code onboarding process. Rose is thrilled that she can continue running a lean team, since she can handle privacy requests by herself without additional manual burden.

In her advice for people looking into DataGrail’s solution, Rose noted that the sooner teams begin thinking about privacy, the better off they will be. With DataGrail, Crossbeam was able to build a solution that will scale with the business.

DataGrail has allowed Rose to easily manage privacy by herself and let the engineering team focus on their top priority – building a product their customers love.

Not only has the manual labor component of compliance been streamlined, but Crossbeam can clearly demonstrate its commitment to privacy for current and future customers and build trust through transparency.

  • 2+ hours saved per DSR
  • Less than 3 weeks to fully implement DataGrail
  • Scalable Compliance ensuring scalability with emerging
    regulations with automation
Onboarding was a great, smooth process. Data privacy is a very technical and academic field but DataGrail’s Customer Success Managers really understand the privacy landscape.”
Amy Rose
Head of Legal at Crossbeam

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