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Introducing DataGrail Consent: Setting the New Standard for Consumer Choice

Sammi Reinstein, June 25, 2024

Existing consent management platforms aren’t equipped to meet today’s new consumer privacy demands and increasing data privacy regulations. They’re letting down businesses and consumers, creating a false security for both. It’s a lose-lose. 

Today we’re introducing a new standard for consumer choice. One that lets you start a privacy dialogue with your customers and automate consent compliance for your busy privacy team. 

Introducing Datagrail Consent, a first-of-its-kind, no-code consent management platform that delivers a dynamic, deeply customizable experience while automatically maintaining compliance with the latest data privacy regulations. 

DataGrail Consent is made for the world’s largest brands and offers:

  • Automated compliance with new and updated privacy regulations 
  • No-code deployment and intuitive dev-free management
  • Easily configurable banners for all privacy policy frameworks
  • Seamless brand-native banners in minutes
  • Enterprise-grade, multi-domain management in a unified interface

Consumers and businesses deserve better. Consumer choice needs a new standard. 

Consumers want ownership of their data and personal information. They want a choice in how it’s accessed, retained, and sold. 

A McKinsey report showed 71% of customers want control over how their data is used and tracked. We saw this in the numbers in DataGrail’s recent Privacy Trends Report with privacy requests surging 246% from 2021 to 2023. 

Despite nearly every website having a tool in place for consent management, there is still a privacy and compliance gap. 

A recent audit of 5,000 businesses revealed that 75% of organizations do not honor a person’s right to opt out of being tracked by online trackers and, therefore, are not compliant. Consumers expect something different. They expect more. 

When we spoke with data privacy and marketing professionals to understand the discrepancy, we learned existing consent tools are difficult to configure properly, regularly fail to deploy on time, require developer work to make design changes, and must be updated manually each time a new or updated regulation is introduced. 

Relying on a hard-to-set-up, failing consent tool leaves your company with a false sense of compliance while increasing the risk of regulatory fines, lawsuits, reputational damage, and lost consumer trust. 

DataGrail Consent reimagines consumer choice from the ground up

When we set out to build DataGrail Consent, we knew we couldn’t deliver another “box-check” solution that is just as hard to deploy and maintain. 

Instead, we built a product that works for even our largest, most complex customers and helps every brand maintain compliance, build trust, and start an authentic privacy conversation with their consumers.

See DataGrail Consent in Action

What makes DataGrail Consent different

Dynamic, scalable, and code free

DataGrail Consent integrates seamlessly with Google Tag Manager—used by 90% of enterprises. This allows DataGrail Consent to take full advantage of Google’s scale infrastructure and operate with negligible impact to your website speed or performance. In addition, it leverages Google Consent Mode to provide continuous updates to your banners with no coding or extra work required by your team. 

If you manage multiple brands, DataGrail Consent will integrate with each unique domain. This gives you complete visibility from a single dashboard and the option to publish to all your sites with one click—deploying changes to every part of a digital experience in seconds.

Evolving global coverage

New consent frameworks are being adapted by US states and countries at a rapid pace. DataGrail Consent helps ensure you’re always ready to meet evolving global requirements with:

  • Out-of-the-box support for major frameworks including CPRA and GDPR
  • Easy user-defined policy framework creation and customization to meet your unique privacy needs
  • Support for location-based policies that tailor consent banner behavior based on each visitors’ IP address
  • Access to DataGrail’s privacy experts to help you plan and maintain your consent strategy

Real-time tracking detection 

DataGrail Consent includes our real-time scanning tool, DataGrail Privacy Inspector, to help you rapidly identify compliance gaps. Quickly inspect your site for any script that may pose a compliance risk so you can take action fast and provide an experience that builds trust with your brand.

Consent banners that feel like an extension of your website and brand (finally)

Most consent banner notices feel like pop-up ads rather than part of your website. This disrupts your customers’ experience and erodes confidence that their choice is actually being respected. 

DataGrail Consent provides white-labeled banners and deep customization capabilities so you can match your banner notice to your brand style guide. Banners can also be tailored for each specific policy, providing a simplified, straightforward experience for your customers.

Why our customers love DataGrail Consent


“We’re very glad to have transferred over to the DataGrail tool, and to have done so very easily. We were up and running within two days. The set-up process was simple, required limited engineering resources and the support team was extremely responsive. Our business runs more smoothly with all our privacy tooling under one roof.” 

— Chris Asta, Senior Product Counsel at Skillshare 

Ideal Living

“Our previous vendor wasn’t really customizable. It was difficult to understand what we were doing and whether or not any of it was even really working. DataGrail Consent is a lot easier to use and cuts implementation time in half.”

— Richard Doong, Marketing Technologist, Analytics, AI & Search

“The DataGrail team was valuable in helping us customize our banner and put us on the right path of what we needed to accomplish.”

— Guillermo Lopez, General Counsel

Part of the complete DataGrail data privacy platform

DataGrail Consent is an important pillar in our complete data privacy platform. Rather than sacrificing depth for breadth, The DataGrail platform goes deep on data privacy. The world’s most trusted brands rely on DataGrail for DSR Management, Data Mapping & Discovery, Consent, and Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs).

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Ready to get started? 

Our team will be there every step of the way and ensure a quick and successful implementation. You can request a demo of DataGrail Consent here

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