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Top 5 Sessions for Privacy. Security. Risk. 2019

DataGrail, September 16, 2019

IAPP’s flagship event, Privacy. Security. Risk. 2019 begins in less than two weeks. The event features distinguished speakers, networking opportunities, workshops, and privacy-focused sessions designed to benefit attendees. If you’re attending PSR 2019 you may have taken a glance at the extensive schedule and events offered and not known where to start. We’re sharing our top 5 events for privacy and legal professionals at PSR.

  • California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018: Action Items for Companies Worldwide

The CCPA comes into effect only 3 months after PSR. Find out in this session if your business is subject to the law and how recent amendments and changes could impact your privacy program. This session will also cover the lesser-known Nevada law, SB 220, and other laws in the U.S. based on the CCPA and where they will be in effect.

  • Demystifying the DSR Process: Handling Difficult Data Subject Rights Requests

If your company is subject to the CCPA, the GDPR, or Nevada’s SB 220, Data Subject Rights Requests (DSRs) will be coming in from consumers in coming months. This session will review learning from recent requests in several countries and incorporate best practices and tips for privacy programs to manage data subject response processes. 

  • Change Happens: How to Globalize Your Privacy Program

Derek Care, Legal Director of Privacy at Uber and Alisa Hall Director of Privacy and Compliance at eBay share tips for building a principles-based privacy program that works around the globe. They will touch on how companies can adapt their program to account for new legislation, an imminent problem given the development of regulation across numerous US states and countries.

  • Delete: The Button No One Wants to Press

Tamzin Evershed, VP and CPO at American Express Global Business Travel will lead this session focused on the social and physical challenges of data minimization. Tamzin will cover how to automate the deletion of data that has no business value and detail how to logically approach the topic of data retention across an entire business in a time where holding onto personal data can become expensive.

  • The Portability and Privacy Balancing Act

This session will explore the idea that a collective of platforms, developers, regulators, advocates, and lawyers share the responsibility to protect users’ data. If you’re interested in developing ideas for what we can do outside of legislation to raise the standards and accountability for privacy in the worldwide community, this workshop is for you. Will also explore what developers can do to promote privacy-protective app ecosystems to encourage responsible data portability. 

On 9/23, DataGrail will be at booth 415-417 from 5:00pm – 7:00pm for the welcome reception. Stop by to say hello, grab an espresso, and chat with our team. We’ll also be around during exhibition hall hours on 9/24 and 9/25. 

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