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See the updated Privacy Trends 2023 Report

CCPA is in its second year, already hitting its stride, with the number of privacy requests dramatically on the rise. DataGrail recently released its second annual State of CCPA report, a powerful industry benchmark of what to expect as the ripple effect of data privacy regulations takes hold.

Entering the era of privacy may be messy and complicated, but we hope this research will help organizations benchmark against their peers and identify steps they can take to maximize trust while minimizing risk.

Download the report to help drive your 2022 privacy program strategy forward, and learn:

  • How much the average organization is paying for their privacy programs
  • How many do-not-sell requests to expect once CPRA goes into effect next year
  • What steps people are taking to reduce their online footprint, and what this means for businesses.
  • Why CPRA will likely increase costs for many businesses

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