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Introducing DataGrail’s Privacy Dashboard — Designed to Outsmart Risk

Piper Stull-Lane, March 14, 2023

Companies Still Struggle with Data Privacy

It’s not a secret: Companies still struggle to get a handle on data privacy, despite:

But executives who understand that a privacy program is a powerful differentiator, rather than a baton to be passed between security and legal teams, continue seeing the return of investing in privacy.

To help more CISOs, GCs, and privacy professionals realize these benefits, DataGrail’s product and research teams are introducing the Privacy Dashboard that unlocks a comprehensive view of privacy risk and impact.

Read on to learn more, or watch a short video interview with Director of Product Experience & Design Dylan Wahlstrom and Lead UX Researcher Stephi Fernald.

Join us at the Outsmart Risk launch event featuring a panel discussion with security and legal executives and DataGrail’s first annual Privacy Program Awards.

The Problem: Designed to outsmart risk

Data privacy touches every part of the business and is increasingly monitored by internal stakeholders, legislators, and customers alike, making it difficult to know where to focus first.

Between compliance requirements put in place via GDPR and CCPA/CPRA (plus lots more legislation this year) and rising consumer expectations, security and legal teams’ time and energy gets sapped:

  • Completing data subject requests (DSRs).
  • Handling privacy assessments (DPIAs, PIAs).
  • Reporting on records of processing activity (RoPAs).
  • Communicating the holistic impact of data privacy on the business.

“It was clear that measuring the effectiveness of privacy programs is a tall order,” said Wahlstrom. “But it also gave us an opportunity to provide security and legal teams a holistic view into their privacy programs.”

DataGrail’s Dashboard surfaces insights and provides recommendations on where to focus efforts next to use data privacy as an advantage.

By focusing on these pain points, Wahlstrom and Fernald were able to turn an historic lack of reporting in data privacy into an opportunity to surface actionable insights for businesses to understand its impact on their jobs — and underline money and time saved along the way.

“We want customers to optimize their privacy programs, communicate their value, and act on trends and insights,” said Fernald. “A piece of feedback from our beta program that helped carry us through the design validation stage was, ‘This is what I’ll share with my leadership team. I can screenshot the Dashboard and be done.’ From a user experience perspective, and for privacy people, that’s a win.”

This level of visibility builds trust with executives (and their boards), and provides businesses with the information needed to focus their teams’ time and energy strategically. DataGrail’s dashboard enables companies to stay ahead of evolving legislative requirements and consumer expectations.

If you want to dig into the details, we put together a guide to understanding the many faces of business risk and how data privacy plays a role.

The Solution: Executive insights + practitioner priorities

DataGrail’s Dashboard does double duty by surfacing high-level KPIs for CISOs and GCs and allowing privacy program managers to drill into task-level work.

This is possible because DataGrail products are built and maintained in-house, so data highlights can be pulled from across our solutions: data subject request volume and velocity from Request Manager, system inventory and personal data taxonomy from Live Data Map, and privacy assessments from Risk Monitor.

(These are backed by the industry’s most comprehensive integration network, ensuring accurate and up-to-date privacy programs.)

DataGrail Privacy Dashboard
In a literal click, you can fly from viewing privacy program KPIs to taking action on incomplete system reports, unresolved subject requests, or optimizing integrations.

“In addition to getting a holistic view of their privacy programs, security and legal teams want to understand program and request velocity,” shared Wahlstrom. “As businesses expand the scope of their privacy programs — and adopt more of DataGrail — the Dashboard becomes increasingly helpful in reporting impact and supporting prioritization.”

Use Cases: From reactive to proactive

Ultimately, CISOs, GCs, and CFOs want to know which investments are the healthiest business choices at the time. The dashboard is built to enable them to proactively detect business risks and continue making the best business decisions.

It starts with understanding program health by giving users a visual snapshot of their privacy program’s status without spending effort constantly creating and recreating essential charts outside of DataGrail.

By demonstrating the value of privacy, users can provide executive management with consistent KPIs and program insights that make a case to have a tangible, positive impact on revenue.

But it goes further than that. The Dashboard enables teams to focus on the most urgent privacy deliverables, including DSRs. It minimizes negative legal exposure and enables all companies to uphold customer trust (even with limited resources) by flagging the most important requests first.

DataGrail Privacy Dashboard

And finally, request volume trends are front and center. As companies grow and expand, leadership teams can adjust staffing and bandwidth allocations to meet changing demands.

Privacy deserves a seat at the table, and the Dashboard helps teams pull out the chair.

You’re Invited: Start building trust

Take advantage of our technical teams’ months of research to outsmart risk and build customer trust.

“We’ll keep listening to feedback to continue iterating and meeting the highest-value needs,” shared Fernald. “It’s thanks to our customers that we can solve data privacy challenges quickly and comprehensively.”

To get a deeper look at the Dashboard and hear from industry leaders, you’re invited to Outsmart Risk. This launch event features a panel discussion with executives about the relationship between business risk and privacy, and marks the debut of DataGrail’s first annual Privacy Program Awards.

Want to get started right away? Just follow the steps below.

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