Live Data Map

Say goodbye to surveys & spreadsheets, and hello to an automated approach.

Reduce errors and save time with a real-time blueprint of the business systems and personal data in your organization.

Trust the foundation of your privacy program is accurate.

Your privacy program is only as good as its data inventory & discovery, yet many organizations grow so fast, or are so big, it’s impossible to know every data platform being used.

That’s why we built Live Data Map.

Live Data Map’s unique system discovery finds the unknown, for a more accurate data discovery. It’s a single place you can go to see all the system and the data they hold, building the foundation to your privacy program.

In DataGrail we saw a company that was highly focused on giving us a solution for managing CCPA and GDPR, providing a real live data map that no longer needs human intervention to stay compliant.
Christopher Dailey, NoRedInk

See the unseen & reduce the risk of being fined.

Live DataMap uniquely detects unknown data platforms and field changes, reflecting the latest changes in real-time. Trust you know all the systems and personal data in those systems, always.

Keep your RoPA up-to-date with no manual legwork.

Data is dynamic, not static. DataGrail’s Live Data Map documents how systems are used at your organization, creating a record of data processing activities (RoPA) for you.

It automatically captures changes as new data is created & stored, or new data platform is added to your environment.

How It works
Identifies ALL data sources

You store personal data across servers, hosted systems, Saas solutions, home grown databases — everywhere. Live Data Maps connects to all the places you store data, including shadow IT — promising accuracy and giving you the confidence your data discovery is right.

  • Data Lakes
  • SaaS Solutions
  • Hosted Servers
  • Internal Databases
Finds and discovers personal data in seconds

Discover and map personal data across your entire organization. Each data system is enumerated and classified, giving you insights into how and why data is used across systems and software in your organization. RoPAs and Article 30s are updated in real-time.

Changes to data platforms, reflected in real-time

Fields in data platforms are always changing, and so are the systems your organization uses to store personal data.

Live Data Map is dynamic, automatically refreshing when changes are made, so you can trust it’s accurate and you won’t get fined.

Curious about how the DataGrail Privacy Platform works?