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What’s New from DataGrail This Month

Sammi Reinstein, July 9, 2024

June 2024 brought our newest product, DataGrail Consent. Plus, Live Data Map performance improvements, additional Risk Monitor template customizations, and new compliance guidance for Request Manager—all to ensure your privacy posture has never looked better. 

Welcome to DataGrail’s monthly release notes! Summer is heating up and so is the DataGrail team. June was a massive month for DataGrail—we rebranded our site, inspired by our mission to transform how brands manage data privacy, and unveiled our newest product, DataGrail Consent. 

The product team also shipped exciting new enhancements like making it easier to control and customize Risk Monitor templates, Live Data Map performance improvements, in-app guidance on upcoming privacy regulations, and more. 

Let’s get into it. 🚀

New to the DataGrail Privacy Platform in June 

DataGrail Consent releaseOregon privacy law for DSRs | New and updated integrations | Performance improvements for Live Data Map | Scheduling Responsible Data Discovery scans | Risk Monitor template customizations | Privacy Request Center update

Introducing DataGrail Consent: Setting a new standard for consumer choice

The DataGrail team is thrilled to officially announce our newest product, DataGrail Consent

After assessing the market, we found that 75% of websites do not honor a person’s right to opt out. We spoke with customers who were frustrated with existing consent tools saying they couldn’t keep up with compliance demands and were hard to deploy with rigid customization options. 

DataGrail Consent protects your brand and starts a privacy dialogue with a dynamic, deeply customizable, and easy-to-use consent solution that automates compliance.

DataGrail Consent offers: 

  • Automated compliance with new and updated privacy regulations 
  • No-code deployment and intuitive dev-free management
  • Easily configurable banners for all privacy policy frameworks
  • Seamless brand-native banners in minutes
  • Enterprise-grade, multi-domain management in a unified interface

You can learn more about DataGrail consent and see an interactive demo here

The team is already shipping improvements to DataGrail Consent including customizations for consumer banner interactions and enhancements to easily ensure compliance. 

Banner visibility customization 

Our customers now have the ability to create smoother consent experiences for site visitors with a fast track to their website.

In the DataGrail app, users can choose to either display or hide the close button. With the close button toggled on, site visitors can simply select “X” to implicitly opt-in to default tracking behavior and get straight to your site content. Hiding the ‘X’ button requires each visitor to select their consent preferences before they can close the banner. 

Our banner is fully customizable so the close button options can be customized to the experience that best fits your brand, with a different logo, color, or moving the close button location.

Learn more about configuring banner appearance here

Retrieve data subject consent choices

DataGrail Consent can manage both a data subject’s online tracking preferences as well as tracking that occurs in-app or via third-party platforms. 

We understand customers need to continuously understand the state of a device’s preferences regardless of their banner selection so they can report it to external systems to ensure compliance. 

With our new callback function, users can retrieve the initial preferences that the browser is aware of for that device. 

Read more about programmatically retrieving data subject consent choices here

Easily comply with new data privacy laws by managing third-party disclosure requests in Request Manager 

New data privacy laws come into effect on July 1st for Texas, Oregon, and Florida and DataGrail has you covered. Request Manager is also updated to help ensure you’re ready to respond to the new Oregon law and its consumer right to know third-party data shares rule​​.

Manage third-party disclosure requests as the Oregon Consumer Privacy Act requires in Request Manager, where you can manage a list of third parties. Customers with Live Data Map can also utilize a list of integrations or systems as a great starting point.

Third-party disclosure requests are processed and managed as tickets are managed through the DataGrail Requests Queue. 

New and updated integrations

Some of DataGrail’s popular applications accept a request to access or delete data but retain the data for a certain time before access or deletion. Customers now have visibility into when an integration has a delay between the time of request and the return of results or processing.

We’ve also added new third-party integrations that can be utilized for automating privacy requests and doing data discovery across your systems and applications. 

New Request Manager integrations added for DSR processing:

New Data Discovery integrations:

Updated integrations:

  • ChargeBee can now utilize product catalog v2 to support deletion of subscriptions
  • Zendesk can be configured to utilize the tickets metadata endpoint

Rapidly understand the status of an integration

Integrations don’t always process data immediately. For integrations that do not process data immediately, DataGrail has added additional messaging to help understand the status of an integration. DataGrail will relay statuses or messages from third-party applications.

Performance improvements for Live Data Map

Enterprise-grade performance is a pillar of DataGrail and we are continually making improvements to our platform to increase speed and performance. 

This performance update for Live Data Map has brought down the average load time to 420 milliseconds. Our customers with the largest system inventories will see their pages load in under 3 seconds.

Scheduling Responsible Data Discovery scans of your systems

The Responsible Data Discovery agent now has additional configurability around scheduling when scans occur. Optimize the scanning of your systems to ensure as little impact on your systems as possible.

Risk Monitor template customizations: reorder, duplicate, and delete templates in the template builder

  • Reorder questions and sections
    • Customers can now adjust assessment templates with more flexibility and control with the ability to reorder questions and sections with ease. 
    • To adjust the position of a particular section, simply hover over a section of an assessment and click on the up or down arrow. Customers can also select a question, and click on the up or down arrow to adjust the position of that question within the template. 

  • Duplicate templates
    • Customers can now easily duplicate an existing template in their Risk Monitor template library so they can customize and create different versions of an existing template. 
    • Duplicating a template will automatically open up and create a copy of the selected template, with the name “Copy of TEMPLATE NAME.” Customers can edit the name of the template directly.
  • Delete templates 
    • More effectively manage your templates in your template library by deleting templates that are no longer used or out-of-date. 


Learn more about managing third parties and third party disclosure requests here

👀 Coming soon: Manage custom content in the Privacy Request Center 

Customers can soon manage content and changes for all policies, individual policies, and privacy rights in the Privacy Request Center on their own. This allows for self-serving content changes and publishing the changes of your intake form. 

Customers can also decide whether content is displayed to their entire user base or if custom content is delivered by policy (location). 

That’s a wrap on June’s release notes! We’re excited about these new features and to keep shipping new updates. You can give our team feedback anytime in-app under ‘product feedback’ in the side navigation. 

For questions, please reach out directly to your CSM or email [email protected]. If you’d like a demo of the DataGrail platform, reach out to us here

Until next time. 👋 

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