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IAPP GPS Highlight: Microsoft’s Showcase

DataGrail, May 18, 2023

At IAPP’s Global Privacy Summit (GPS), we were thrilled to join Microsoft for a showcase of our privacy integration. Our GPS showcase demonstrates the first of many joint efforts with Microsoft as we build better privacy automation for our shared customers.

Read on to learn more about the integration, and if you’re interested in getting hands-on, experience the guided, interactive walkthrough here.

The Challenge

Microsoft 365 is a leading collaboration platform allowing teams to seamlessly navigate between working files, Teams chats, meetings, and more. This is incredibly useful as a productivity ecosystem, but as product silos come down, data privacy rights become harder to fulfill.

What does this mean? Think about it this way: If personal data is spread across Excel files, Word documents, instant messages, or buried deep in a shared folder, how difficult is it to track and gather every bit of that information?

When privacy teams lack a technology-driven solution, fulfilling data subject requests (DSRs) means embarking on a massive manual data-gathering journey. DataGrail found that for scaled companies processing privacy requests manually, a single request can involve anywhere from 26-50 employees. Complex, manual privacy work introduces business risk due to human error and distracts team members from their core duties.

The Solution: DataGrail 🤝 Microsoft

To combat the challenge of cross-platform data sprawl and manual DSR fulfillment, we’re teaming up with Microsoft in the name of data privacy rights.

Microsoft is committed to creating greater privacy control within its platform, and DataGrail is committed to doing the same across the rest of our customers’ tech stack. Microsoft’s Priva API provides granular data controls over information stored across the 365 platform, and DataGrail does the same for 2,000+ third-party integrations. Together, we’re helping customers reduce risk by fulfilling data privacy requests with powerful automation.

As shown below, DataGrail provides privacy teams with a comprehensive view for managing incoming DSRs. Shared customers can receive privacy requests in DataGrail, and retrieve all required personal data stored across Microsoft 365 products with a single API call.

How it Works: DataGrail and Microsoft


This integration is great news for DataGrail customers, who now have the ability to further automate DSR fulfillment by retrieving personal data from the M365 ecosystem. We’ll continue to build and improve our integrations with industry leaders like Microsoft so that our customers can more confidently deliver privacy rights.

We’re always interested in new partnerships. Please click here to express interest in joining the network. If you’re on the hunt for a privacy partner, you can arrange a 1:1 demo with our team here.

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