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Our Next Step: Meet The New Standard for Data Privacy

Colleen Koslosky, June 12, 2024

Have you noticed our new look? We’re excited to officially announce the launch of our refreshed brand, inspired by our commitment to safeguarding the human right to privacy. Take a moment to explore our revamped website here.

New brand, same commitment

In an age where data privacy is a must, we’ve undergone a massive rebrand to reintroduce ourselves as the New Standard for Data Privacy. While our appearance has been updated, our core mission remains steadfast: we are here to transform how businesses manage data privacy. On a broader scale, we envision a world where people can trust brands with their data, and this is especially important for large brands with high privacy risk.

At the heart of our rebranding journey lies our deep-rooted dedication to our community and customers, who have empowered us to push the boundaries of innovation in data privacy management. But our revitalized identity is not just about aesthetics– it’s a testament to our readiness to grow and scale with you as your data privacy program evolves. With our new brand expression, we aim to reinforce our adherence to transparency, security, and trust.

The growing importance of data privacy

Recent market trends serve as proof that people’s expectations regarding data privacy have soared to unprecedented levels. Consumers want agency of their personal data and how it’s being used, and we’re seeing this awareness in numbers. Consider the following statistics from our 2024 Data Privacy Trends Report:

  • From 2021 to 2023, the total DSR volume per 1M identities grew 246%.
  • 75% of organizations fire 3 or more cookie trackers without obtaining explicit consent from users.
  • 1 in 2 cyberattacks stem from Shadow IT, costing companies a staggering $4.2 million on average to fix.
  • Gen AI models can reproduce data they were trained on, including sensitive personal data and copyrighted content.

It’s safe to say that people’s insistence for data privacy is higher than ever, and government authorities are listening. Legislatures around the world are becoming more attuned to their citizens’ concerns regarding their privacy. 

Landmark regulations such as GDPR and CCPA serve as evidence of the new standards for data protection, as they impose stringent requirements on organizations regarding data handling and consent. As a result, organizations are facing increased pressure to adapt their practices to evolving legal standards. In this era of heightened awareness, DataGrail stands as a pillar of trust, helping you have peace of mind and full confidence in your data privacy program.

The New Standard for Data Privacy

At DataGrail, we go deep on data privacy. Our complete, enterprise-grade data privacy platform is designed for today’s and tomorrow’s data privacy risks. Powered by our patented Risk Intelligence technology, we shine a spotlight on vulnerable data across your business, and provide actionable insights so brands can proactively manage risks. 

With DataGrail, you can rest assured that we’re constantly detecting, automating, and monitoring your data privacy program. By detecting, we’ll make sure no stone goes unturned. We’ll automate human error-prone tasks and monitor for risk and anything that changes over time. Whether you’re stuck on a legacy tool, about to IPO or building out your program, our customer service team will partner with you the whole journey.

Welcome to the New Standard for Data Privacy— welcome to DataGrail.

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