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Making Privacy Easier with Hubspot and DataGrail Together

Daniel Barber, July 23, 2021

Today we announced our integration with HubSpot, deepening our relationship with the game-changing CRM platform. Together we’re helping go-to-market teams and their privacy counterparts to build robust privacy programs that build brand trust, without tying up a lot of internal resources. HubSpot is also an investor in DataGrail, and well known as a leader in the SaaS ecosystem, so we’re especially pleased to expand our relationship. 

Marketing, Sales and Customer Teams Are on the Front Lines of the Age of Privacy

Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot’s Founder and CTO, writes in HubSpot’s Customer Code, “Customers are more independent, more impatient, and less trusting of businesses.” Brands have been relying on deep, nearly unfettered access to high volumes of customers’ personal information, to fuel their marketing, sales, and engagement strategies. But consumers and governments are clear that people want more control over their personal data. Even just with core Big Tech companies, people exercised their rights to privacy more than 25 million times in 2020

Access to customer data is a social contract, and trust is a measure of how well that social contract is doing. DataGrail, integrated HubSpot, enables marketing, sales and customer services teams to be responsible stewards of personal information, build customer trust, and easily comply with regulations like CCPA, GDPR, VCDPA and CPRA.  

Integrating DataGrail and HubSpot in Just a Few Clicks

The DataGrail integration for HubSpot makes it easy for our customers to automate critical components of a privacy program, including the processing of data subject requests (DSRs and DSARs), and automated system inventories to track where personal data may live across an organization’s tech stack. 

Plus, joint customers will be able to connect their HubSpot accounts to DataGrail with just a few clicks, no coding required. And marketers appreciate that DataGrail makes the end customer’s privacy flow feel polished with a seamless, branded web experience. 

We already have over 20 joint customers leveraging this integration to make privacy easier, including leading brands like Snyk and Plume. Vincent Samuel, Head of Data Protection at Plume shared, “DataGrail’s integrations with top business apps, including HubSpot, made it easy for us to automate management of our privacy rights’ compliance —we didn’t have to do it from scratch with a lot of error-prone, manual processes. We can handle privacy requests faster and easier than before, and address our customers’ privacy rights with confidence.”

If you’re a HubSpot customer already, we’d love to show you how to take advantage of integrating HubSpot and DataGrail.

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