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The Age of Privacy Requires a New Approach: Announcing Additional $5M Funding for DataGrail

Daniel Barber, July 30, 2019

We’re proud to announce we have secured an additional $5M funding — led by existing investor Cloud Apps Capital Partners — and we welcome Mallun Yen (founding team of SaaStr, RPX Corporation [and] and former VP of Worldwide Intellectual Property at Cisco Systems, Inc.) to our Board of Directors. We’re also delighted to add Okta Ventures, Basis Set Ventures, Steve Lucas (former CEO of Marketo), Ross Mason (Founder & CTO of MuleSoft), and several other prominent investors. These new additions offer a wealth of rare insights into the challenges that businesses face when addressing privacy compliance.

When founding DataGrail, we knew there was a new, better solution for companies to uphold their data privacy commitments for their customers. Previous market solutions didn’t support the intricacies created by a complex technology ecosystem. And although existing tools were excellent at process management, they failed to provide a real-time inventory of systems processing personal data, the foundation for a truly effective privacy program.

Without an integrated approach, real automation isn’t possible, which leads to a severe risk for human error. My co-founders and I experienced firsthand how new data privacy regulations, like Europe’s GDPR, the forthcoming Nevada Privacy Law (SB-220), and California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), impacted those responsible for ensuring compliance. This is why we created DataGrail, the first purpose-built, scalable, and adaptive solution for continuous data privacy compliance.

Helping organizations — like G2, Intercom, and Databricks — build and maintain customer trust inspires us daily to continue innovating for the next chapter in data privacy. What’s more, by surrounding ourselves with tech leaders, such as Mallun Yen, we are ready for the next phase of our company’s growth.

“As a lawyer myself, I know firsthand the positive impact that DataGrail’s solutions can have on a company maintaining compliance,” said Yen. “Compliance must be viewed as an ongoing effort and an endeavor that must be sustained over time. DataGrail is the solution that automates manual processes and integrates across business systems and third-party services.”

The past year has been a whirlwind adventure, adding partnerships and integrations with more than 100 applications and infrastructure systems, including Okta, Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle, and AWS, while more than tripling our team size. I’m proud of the product and team we’ve built, and look forward to facilitating customer privacy programs with this additional funding and leadership.

Here’s to the new age of data transparency. My team and I are excited to share more info about the platform and discuss how we can support your data privacy program. Connect with us here.

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