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Given generative AI’s transformative power, companies are scrambling to figure out how it can best be used to further their businesses. Companies want to move quickly to adopt AI, but want to do it responsibly. AI regulations are in flux and taking shape now, so it's hard to concretely know what is required by law.

In the meantime, companies can chart their path forward based on ethical AI use principles to establish guardrails on AI usage in a company. The first step to determining how to govern AI usage, is to look inward at your company’s own ethics, to build a set of guiding principles. Once you’ve established your principles, you can move on to building your Responsible AI Use Policy.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the steps of looking inward at your company’s own values to establish your AI Principles, understanding the risks of AI, and then from there to establishing your AI policy.

You can find worksheets, examples and the steps you can take to ensure you can take advantage of the AI revolution, responsibly.

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