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Early CCPA Trends Shaping the Privacy Landscape

Q1 2020 lookback on California’s Privacy Law business impact
Although it’s still early to understand how CCPA will impact organizations in the long-run, we’ve gathered early learnings from the first few months of CCPA to help businesses plan and predict the future of privacy regulation. Download the report to learn:
  • Why B2C companies will likely spend more than $140,000 annually to manually process privacy requests
  • Which type of privacy requests your organization can expect as CCPA influences the privacy landscape
  • How to apply these trends to your team’s CCPA approach to be ready for enforcement starting July 1, 2020

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Privacy Leader Conversations

Join us for a series of virtual roundtable discussions featuring privacy leaders and the DataGrail team sharing their unscripted thoughts on everything from early CCPA trends to handling data subject requests with a remote team during a pandemic.