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Live Data Map™

Regain Control
of Your Data

Proactively manage risk by uncovering where personal data actually lives in your systems, including AI.

Live Data Map screen

Unlock visibility across all your systems

The boom of SaaS changed everything. A single business may use over 1500 distinct applications, but how many of those are CISOs aware of? And what personal data lurks within those systems? Traditional data mapping makes it hard to keep up – and is often inaccurate.

DataGrail continuously surfaces where personal data lives across business systems, auto-detects what systems hold PII, and then organizes and categorizes PII. Save time, minimize risk, and reduce errors.

Businesses using DataGrail detect 30% more Shadow IT, i.e. systems and apps detected.

Finding an unexpected [AI] system during our weekly review of the DataGrail platform enabled us to quickly investigate, determine no data was at risk, and address the cause swiftly. Overall, DataGrail's detection capabilities served as an excellent proof of concept for our existing safeguards.

Leslie Pierce-Connor Kevel

Data Discovery has been really insightful for us. It’s helped us uncover data in third-party systems that even the business owners were unaware of. It’s allowed us to identify and address data privacy violations before they become a problem.

Ammy Lesniak Life360

In DataGrail we saw a company that was highly focused on giving us a solution for managing CCPA and GDPR, providing a real live data map that no longer needs our human intervention to stay compliant.

Christopher Dailey NoRedInk
product screen - data integrity

Maintain Data Integrity

Uncover shadow IT and AI, increase efficiency, and reduce risk with automated data mapping.

Live Data Map creates a blueprint so you can understand at a glance where personal data lives across business systems and connects to your SSOs to auto-detect where systems hold PII, instead of relying on manual, high-risk processes.

generative AI product screen


Discover traditional and generative AI.

Continuously discover what AI models are being used throughout your SaaS & third-party systems with our integration network of 2,000+ enterprise apps, data platforms, and internal systems.

product screen - Responsible Data Discovery


Proactively manage privacy risk with Responsible Data Discovery.

Responsible Data Discovery continuously identifies and classifies new systems and the personal data within them. Complete inventory system reports faster and with less effort.

Data Systems Inventory interface
See the unseen – say goodbye to unknown data in 3rd party SaaS.

Detect unknown third party SaaS or Shadow IT that are likely to contain personal data. Our research shows that up to 50% of 3rd party SaaS go undetected during manual data mapping exercises. We connect to your SSO to detect 3rd party systems you could never find manually.

Data Mapping
Map your privacy footprint in seconds.

Generate a system report inventorying all of your data platforms and SaaS solutions. Each system is enumerated and classified, giving you insights into how data may be being used across the organization.

product screen - data classification
Get a more comprehensive view of your organization’s privacy risk.

Responsible data discovery workflows use system detection and machine learning-powered data classification to uncover what systems you have and what personal data & AI they contain.

product screen- system inventory
Continuously discover what traditional and Generative AI models are being used throughout your SaaS applications & third-party systems.
  • Stay up-to-date on new AI systems and models your organization is using.
  • Quickly detect GenAI with our integration network of 2,000+ enterprise apps, data platforms, and internal systems that your business might be using and storing personal data.
Data System Detection
Keep up with your ever-evolving privacy footprint.

The platforms holding consumer data are always being updated or new systems are being added. It’s virtually impossible to keep an up to date system inventory when handling this manually. Live Data Map is dynamic and will capture those changes keeping you up to date and continuously compliant.

Dynamic RoPA interface
Keep your RoPA up-to-date with ease.

Data is dynamic, not static. DataGrail’s Live Data Map documents how systems are used at your organization, creating a record of data processing activities (RoPA) for you.

Data Privacy Management Dashboard
Stay on top of personal data. Stay on top of risk.

Manage and monitor your data map from one dashboard:

  • View the total number of systems mapped in your inventory.
  • Surface and prioritize critical inventory system reports (ISRs).
  • Track and approve system reports quickly.
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